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The folks at the university of rhode island can appeal to dan hurley senses but they can find a way to squeeze more blood out of the rock to be able to from a fiduciary standpoint entice him to try to stay here but as much as we have all fallen in love with the ron and we fallen in love with hurley and we love what he's done with the program the bottom line is if you look at the infrastructure of collegiate athletics in the way it's set up there's a group of schools that would be quote unquote halves there were a group of schools that do the best they can in basketball only leagues that are a part of the have nots and then you have the american athletic conference right in the middle where in adding wichita state they made their basketball league better and those schools do have some extra money flowing in because of their football programs that the athletic department and the people who run those athletes departments have the ability then shell out and look when when the people that you can't get rid of bob deok and they brought in randy edsall the guy who runs that program over there david benedict worked with the year before to make the buyout less and then he waited until after the first of the year to get rid of the guy so he saved over a million dollars on the buyout then brought in randy edsel for little money to start and then it escalates as it moves along they find ways to move the pieces around the differences they have a giant pot not a lot of pot i mean a giant pot of money and it's it's bigger than what some schools can't compete with so nothing is official it isn't done but the word from the folks in connecticut is that dan hurley may bounce to uconn your thoughts one eight hundred three to one wpro four three eight nine seven seven six on twitter at the real gresh gre essay hates tara granahan now you can.

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