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Of choking a colleague who refused to cover his food while using the shared office microwave who hasn't wanted to choke somebody when they don't cover their food in the office microwave or they act surprised when they go. Oh my gosh. I didn't think that four pounds of lasagna in the microwave for twelve minutes would leave such a mess. So the electricity in the carpenter are the ones who did this. When the carpenter refuses to cover the food in the microwave the electricity reportedly threatens to throw the food in the trash, so he got up from the table went to the went to the carpenter, and then went over to the microwave and then reached to block him from using the microwave saying, you're not putting that food in there unless you get a top on that thing. Takeaway, cover your damn food. Yeah. Oh. Bold every eight to eight different bosses drone on about mission statements. I don't think this goes. Well, now a group of Canadian doctors are to begin prescribing trips to an art gallery. Two different patients that suffer from a range of ailments. Can you imagine that physical and mental health issues? They're they're suggesting that we take in the benefits of art on health. I get art. Yes, culture. You're more of your even more museum knee than I I I am not a fan of the museums. And I don't I understand it. I don't appreciate it. I don't understand half of the stuff. That's in that that is it the Getty museum, the new one. Yeah. No, not that one the one that's in. Getty villa now. Anyway. That's how much I know. Yeah. That's it road road. Yes numbers offer proof that doctors have a sensitivity to openness and alternative approaches. According to the Canadian health system. Why don't you just go on your own? The seventh son of a seventh son. Seven. Sector seven seven. Seven years college down drain. Seven seven days. Well, well, well, it looks like me to has sucked all of the fun out of the sex scenes. Is that what's happened? Okay. HBO has.

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