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For journalism now, and that's one of those things that just bothers the hell out of me. Yeah, and it seemed like the Boston borough was that really don't give you much. You know, Don Sweeney's not out there floating anything to the beat writers or anything like that. Those guys are in the trenches trying to grind for information, just like I do. The once in a great while, I break some news. It's usually from a pretty damn good source. So, but it's not coming from the team because they're so tight lipped. They really are. I mean, chances are a guy like Elliott Friedman is just sending a text to JP Barry. So what's the latest? Well, I'm talking. We're still talking. Okay, cool. Let me put it in the podcast. I see a point in someone. I really do. But regardless of all that, I kind of think that a deal gets done right around the all star break. It's got to be, I don't want to really get any closer to much third. I think that's when, you know, I have a feeling it's going to get done, but when a more worried about is the panic that could happen in this fan base, the closer we get to the trade deadline. So I'd rather get something done for everybody sanity and everybody's stressed and so on, you know? Everybody lower the heart rate a little bit, you know? Yeah, exactly. Me too, you know? We'll have to run to CVS to check my freaking heart. It's unbelievable. So here's another one though. Please be safe at the All-Star Game. Pasta, no. No messing around. Don't be tweaking anything. Just go shoot hard, skate fast and then come home. Please, if you could. And of course, the All-Star Game, I don't know what it is, but I know it's down in Florida. So that would be nice for the guy to get out there and relax a little bit. All right, so we did have some, if there is anything that's bad to talk about, we did have some injuries, and we could start with Tomas nozick. Non displaced fracture in his foot would be reevaluated in about four weeks. I think this is a great opportunity for some of these young guys. I know they called up unico panin. Who is fine? I don't think he's really sort of the future.

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