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At a low straw I guess this morning on you have to come in for Tony I guess so I understand and agree to hear stay at it we do have some fog outside this morning but overall give me a pretty nice Labor Day partly sunny skies little bit humid I've run eighty two but I clear heading down to sixty four tomorrow mostly sunny breezy a warmer day a gusty southwest when high temperature eighty eight degrees late tomorrow night into Wednesday morning a call comes in with a few scattered thunderstorms then partly sunny cooler one six I seventy five and beautiful weather Thursday and Friday great September numbers here sunshine daytime highs in the seventies and nighttime lows in the fifties any time you get the Randolph street and that's never drawn the short straw my friend video what do you get your lunch I owe you five Bucks or something what is. he's a national treasure Randy all is currently sixty six degrees in American standard coolly weather center the time is seven oh six. get out there. do something fun. make the most of your Labor Day. ninety three W. I. B. C. rob Kendall. that's good morning. AJ nominal job on the board. just us you. holiday. and a great day seeping up but of course as a Brownsburg lifer. I have to encourage you to get out to Lucas oil Raceway in Brownsburg formally Clermont but it's now Brownsburg. or the final day of the in H. R. eight championships if you've never been. go. gates open at nine AM it's an all day event it's been going on all weekend long. you will not be disappointed you will be blown away by watching those cars move and move quickly so get out there to Browns were Lucas oil Raceway an opportunity to see history in the making also keeping an eye on hurricane Dorian and the next several hours the next twelve hours ishe gonna try to kind of get an idea what this thing's going to do it is one of these. we think now queers ultimate tornadoes of look technology has made people safer and technology has been able given us the ability to to predict where there's gonna go and that is true in many cases but receiving like Dorian come along and you.

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