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P. N O. R. C Center for Public Affairs Research. There's a push on on Capitol Hill to learn more about the pandemic. Here's our Jackie Quinn, two senators, one Democrat and one Republican, have introduced a bill to establish a national commission to investigate the coronavirus outbreak that's killed more than 600,000. Americans. Senators Bob Menendez and Susan Collins say the pandemics. Death toll is more than 200 times that of the 9 11 attacks, But Congress has yet to establish that type of blue ribbon. Mission to investigate vulnerabilities in public health and issue guidance on how to better prepare for the future. This is a P news AP correspondent Ed Donahue reports now on the latest state to drop permit rules for guns Texas It means you can carry a gun in Texas without getting a background check or training Governor Greg Abbott says. It's about freedom and self defense. He connected it to the fight with a Biden administration over the flow of migrants across the Mexico border. There is a need For people to have a weapon to defend themselves, Abbott says. This goes against the federal narrative, the government officials saying, Heck, yes, Government is coming to take your guns. Texas will not let that happen. The leader of the group students demand action says this callous and reckless bill is an insult to every Texan who has been affected by gun violence. I'm Ed Donahue. As we begin the weekend gas is $3.7 a gallon, up three cents from a month ago, says the Triple A. A year ago. Gas was $2.11 a gallon I'm Rita Foley. AP News Get Dad the perfect gift now at Macy's Father's Day cell with an extra 25% off his favorite designers with your coupon or Macy's card that's.

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