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Fire relief by selling nude self fees Kaelin ward told her followers on Twitter she'll send a new to anyone who proves they've donated ten Bucks let's take a look at this brush fire now on the twenty three yeah it's on the twenty three south bound just before thousand oaks Boulevard if you use the twenty three south to get between the one eighteen and the one O. one it's going to start your progress here twenty three south four thousand oaks Boulevard to to really answer close here there's a brush fire that's off the freeway it's been here for a little bit right now you're right packed in through Olson wrote at this point okay I find this guy sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com just by looking to crash on the tent yeah boy that reporters are problem areas are really windy spots so watch self out there but in L. Hambro going through it I should say Westend Fremont that's before the seven ten a crash in the metro express lanes of the the notes if it's a man walking around with a helmet a black coat jacket black pants of any there's a bike there some point that's for sure that was already spoken from the six so five it's really getting bad now well three before new in del Mar the west bend sixty by the way if you can still take it in between the six so five in the seventh and it's looking real good injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock KFI in the sky can't find this guy helps get you there faster I'm robin banks the dentist and you had years of dental neglect because of it first about your smile cunning dental specializes in people that are fearful of the Dennis and they can repair years of neglect and as little as one or two appointments all while you're either in a gentle twilight sleep or full blown Anastasia they take care of dental implants and bridges and crowns and root canals even full smile makeovers all done while you sleep they have over fifteen Dennison specialists that know how to deal with your dental anxiety and of course are experts.

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