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He's looking at some significant time and as a sex offender but I'm sure it has to be some type of mental competency defense brought in this case because you have never heard this before state police handled this investigation I believe there are at least two other victims who cared for days under the belief he was a disable team you see right now every time I hear dean I know I've done I can't hear dis without hearing the the young man hello this story was weird enough without that I I was looking up more on this it's called paraphilic and fan to listen that's what this is called that these folks have it is it has to be a name for everything yeah there's not many fetishes it's a sexual fetish that involves role playing regression to an incident like stayed behaviors Magoo drinking from a bottle or wearing diapers individuals may engage in gentle and nurturing experiences add they're not as adult babies and there's other ones that want to be punished as a baby the column diaper levers ida it's so weird weird world in this guy has been apprehended yeah but he could hire somebody to to fulfill his fetish should have to fake being handicapped by yeah in today's this correctly for that I think that may be of a hundred that was part of what he liked the look like it's a trick these people yeah of course because he could have just your right could hard like a prostitute and said all the that's what my diaper or whatever whatever you want to say to him I die should decide either one of those that all those are to come back to haunt me aren't that probably can anything be between just us on the show you know what I got plenty of stuff to do today not gonna pull that clip you're only saying that because you know you're not going to remember I'm not the only reason you're saying that.

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