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Okay i mean yeah start you not only lisi see you're not john snow okay you you're not this is this is too much like we we all don't have words we even over the weekend he started off with the candice owens thing i can't those she doesn't like to be called all right she's an extremist in terms of her views against black people she said some really she calls the black lives matter movement a bunch of winding children or something like that i would not oppress campbell moen's started off as youtube blogger and now he just put her on i mean so many people didn't even know who i wanted to come in monday morning meeting it'd be like we do a piece on like who is candice owens because i find myself was she but see that's what bothered me because kinda knows his influence probably more so than anyone else he prize himself on that type of fame he intentionally put that woman i you know what i mean and he wanted everybody to go find that video and watch it he wanted us to to feel this way and i don't know i mean i get it we all are entitled to our thoughts i don't this is just not the konya we met before it'd be different if this was always but when he tells black people he knows exactly talking to he says let the past be the past shut the fuck up kate let the past the past because the past is right here at your doorstep everyday.

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