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Other smaller organizations smaller organizations like the peoples temple there certainly some evidence that points to that being the case the destruction of the files just a year before jones moved to jonestown and gets people's attention well no one knows for sure who participated in the original m k ultra there are a few high profile cases that are all but confirmed people like ken keesey the author of one flew over the coups nest or robert hunter a singer songwriter closely associated with the grateful dead and james whitey bolger the infamous boston mobster who later worked as an fbi informant in gave up his underlings keys ian hunter participated as research for their own projects while bolger was serving jail time in atlanta and used the opportunity to receive a commuted sentence there's a few other rumored subjects that help explain why people think jones was a participant as well l charles manson timothy mcveigh and the yuna bomber and ted kaczynski i can certainly see theme when we consider jones skillet recruitment and manipulation his stance as a radical political outsider and the brutality he brought forth into the american psyche and it's hard not to lump them in with the others add in that jim jones had political connections and it starts to get suspicious here's bay area reporter jan sloughs are on the subject a man who the politicians were jumping all over themselves each other to endorse and support he was actually appointed president of the housing authority by george mosconi who was mayor at that time and then weird things started being reported leaked out of the temple there were reports of beatings and fake healing ceremonies and all at once jim jones picked up and moved all his followers and the temple ghana where he had bought land in nineteen seventy four.

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