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With too much of a hard. Bulk Weston seems like he's able to right, okay. What was Georgia's role as a part of the Yankees organization. I'm starting from someplace that I'm a little bit comfortable with. He had all I've done. So far is on a piece of paper. I've written down, Jerry. To him Britain, George right once I fact, those guys I'm going to flip the paper over. Lane and forty five seconds. Okay. What are your I need an answer? Well. Will. A widow baby and. I need to need to change my dipy. I don't think that we can accept. I mean, I want to close it's got to polish is I wasn't in control of my words there that was that was very odd. Like an answer. What do you why did you say that? What do you mean, you weren't in control of your as a ban the trickster demon took over? It's a part of the deal that I struck with him, which is he can control me at anytime and make me do something foolish and. That's gotta have it's going to have the time. It's not ideal. I mean, you this. I would say is one of them because I don't want that out on the airwaves at I'm a baby. I am not a baby. You're you seem to be a full grown, man. I don't know about to have a diaper contents of your diaper. I don't have a diaper on hand smell anything either grown man's like day per feelings. I feel like we would all know we have anything to do with your behavior on and off the court. I mean, that's an example at one thing that has happened on the court and also at home, you've you've said those words on the court things things of that nature. Yes. Normally a coach is not allowed on the court during during play game play. I wish someone would explain that as a band. Do you think has been knows or is? I think he does. No, he's not confused about the rules of the one thing. I will say is he does seem invested in us winning now, and that is part of his deal. So having me run on the court and get technical will stop impede us from. So I would imagine during gameplay you're sorta safe he's he's a little bit of a nuisance this guy..

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