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Ought to go home. You ought to go home. go home. Says he's that's a good way to start it off a either that or this mhm never worked not. You're young whatever works for you. Put it out and get yourself psyched up. That's how additions. I definitely recommend for actors putting on a song that gives you confidence that makes you feel like you've got this definitely worked for me defined that when you go on dishes or and you don't really care that much that you do a better job You know there's an expression I think of. I think mentioned it before. Maybe not but Being committed but not attached. And so i'm i'm committed but i'm not like hang on my fingernails. I need so it's like i'm committed. I'm gonna go do my best. I'm gonna bring everything. It's everything that is in. My control will be at level ten in desperate place. Like if this doesn't happen. I'm going to give up a and right. Yep that's hard because the minute. That good audition comes in like i remember. I auditioned for details. And i wanted it so bad but they kept telling me you're a little too old. They say you're a little tool. They were like you too old for these parts talking about. I got such a baby face. I can little too old. I think it was like thirty at the time. And they were kids in the kids and they were like we have a role but we still your little tool. But we're going to let you own dishes for guess who beat me out for the part to method man motherfucker garden state and freaking funny for like. They said i was too old looking out. Same jackson but Yeah man like. I remember wanting it so bad and studying so harden working with my wife on it and you know her. Giving me critiques. On how i should do it in everything and me like you're absolutely right and you know going in there. And just not even close to crossing crushing the audition. Like i blew it completely right. But i was so attached to it. But i had animosity to derive towards the director. I was like man. Fuck you for not hiring me. You know like all of these things do like i four minute. I was so pissed off at george lucas. You know what. I mean like everything because i really wanted that role and i was so attached to getting that role and It's hard not to do that. It's hard you just have to. There's only so much there's only so much in your control and you can't control. Did you really put in the work and work on digital really get memorized and really we know it. Backwards and forwards. You really work on it in in multiple ways did you really prepare. When i look back at it. I definitely did. Not when i look back at it. I sneeze off here We can get off a cold water or off. good. I look back. I smoke so much weed before. I would study. I smoked weed before the audition. And i might have been trying the night before to try like you know trying to get into mode and creative and shit like that and you feel good for a couple of takes but then. That's a wrap after that bro. You know what i mean like. You're often allowing no pun intended. You're not really swimming. Riverside's you're not really in it to win it but that's just for exactly what i'm saying is that you look at be really critical of of of. Did you truly truly true. Bring your egging. did you drink the night before. Did you smoke weed that week before this all just acting but applied to your own life in any way you can you know did you. Is there anything you could have done to to have made for performance in the moment better and and then if you've done that you walk away and go okay. It's out of my hands now. I did everything i could and i can tell you from being on the other side of the table when you're director it's just you might come in blow me away with your acting but you look too much like the other guy already casks or you blow me with your acting and you know where you're going to be the brother of the woman i've already cast. There's reasons that are just so out of your control age or whatever. Yeah you know. I didn't get my looking back at it now. I know. I didn't get myself a chance to win but i was so caught up in the fact that it was it was something that i wanted and because i wanted it i should get it. You know what i mean like. There's that feeling of entitled felton title that comes with Being in the game for so long you know. That's the thing about hollywood. I always tell young people. Nobody owes you any anything. Nobody else you anything every every every step of the way you have to prove yourself like careful this woman history with a dog with no sean. It's very like. I dare them to give me an audition for star wars. Now you know what i mean by idea dog triple dog dare but that has a sense of entitlement to it. In what way. You're saying like i know that i'll be very prepared for that. I misunderstood instead of instead of being like instead of being like. Oh they're going to give getting emotional slow down so we were pulling up to over here dolly. Oh my goodness so. This is a weird. I because this is not what it was anymore but this is the john apartment building. Who would that used to be the hospital. If you ever come here. It's at the corner of riverside and whitsett across the street from mikado across the street from kado japanese sushi bar which i never went to. They would bring it to set some time. And there's a famous Industry and makeup supply namings. Don what do you feel. We spent nine years of our life on this block. I never thought they tear the hospital down. They always threatened every year there. We're gonna tear down the first. We're going a senior home. I think it is a senior. No it's not isn't no that was that was like one of the plans and it doesn't seem like a great place to live like a lot of these apartments like who lives there. Skinny that is. We're mad at being a new buildings for criticizing care. Although i have to say it is it is. It is like the stereo typic- Developer threw up apartment. I don't know why the all look like this. I'm this shit on it. Because they took our spot. I wish it was still an abandoned house. Thing your housing so many people. I know but this this this this. There's no more cartoonish example of some developer putting up an la apartment building than this. This is what they all look like. Yeah i remember so many. Like i feel like my dressing room was like right around there. You know there's so many shots like basically we're this little drive in right there is. This was the front lobby of all those scenes where you know what's what's crazy. I remember because i lived in the valley when we were making this i lived deepen the valley northridge. But when you drive by this place on the one oh one. I literally point at my dressing room addressing. That's my dressing room. And then i knew where zacks was. I knew where sarah's was anywhere janis was and you know it was a man such great memories of you know they gave us direct. Tv once with like unlimited little things. Direct tv gave us direct tv.

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