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Battle for Atlanta's. Dan, Whitmarsh the BULLDOGS down by ten right now. There's mascots at midcourt. Hank is out there. Dancing with the flyer and the battle for Atlantis mascot as well. Looks like Nikki pointed out the flyers mascot may have sat in something. Let's hope so. And he is out there. Trying to win the dance off. I don't know that there was an official winner. One. Paul winters would add. Bulldogs drug off and tried to get the ball in right now. Erin Thompson has been inserted for the vote on more pressure. Again, the man denial full court. Darren looking to get it. In now finds Jorgensen Jorgensen will start to bring it forward for the BULLDOGS a little over fifteen minutes remaining in this game Butler has never left. Dayton, top by ten. Just haven't seemed to be able to string possessions, offense possessions, together, the resultant rockets and points on the board Paul gets into the low block posting them up Kamar with six points today. Backing down goes with the left hand over top. And this won't off the ir happened really challenged that one six nine put an I. Into the air over the outstretched arm just off the back fourteen and a half left him with the ball on a ten point lead scoring Trump for the BULLDOGS now three minutes, forty drought for Dayton, two and a half. Treacher download Landers up against Thompson Landers off the glass, and in to be careful with those personal tried to stay vertical their Landers able to drop staffing drop step then put it off the window. Thompson out the wing now working inside picks up his dribble. And he traveled. Look into pass it off. Nobody was there a little bit too ahead of himself. Now with fourteen o seven left's. Hold on turn it over Butler over the last five field goal attempt. Thompson limited ministers ages thirteen minutes because that foul. Trouble. Cruncher back out. Lander's? You moves it in the corner. Macelve- over the top. Well, the shoot for the flyers Crutcher with the ball defended by McDermott top of the key Crutcher. No look pass over the Landers and Landers traveled up. This is now five turnovers for date in the last three and a half minutes. Bulldogs haven't been able to capitalize Acklin. The problem is more Bilotta those turnovers have been deadball turnovers as well. So it's not like they've been steals. We're able to go the other way quickly. They've still been able to set their defense and often times they've been able to set their press up after those deadball turnovers. Gerald Butler into the game for the first time for the. George Benson bounces one over the Thompson who will walk it across mid four. Dylan's Butler gronk working with Thomson and Jorgensen a Baldwin. Paul gets the free throw line. Backout two gallons Butler heated down to bronc pack out the Georgia's steps into a three no BULLDOGS just can't get the threes to fall. There are now four of fourteen from the perimeter. That was nice movement to to find an open shooter. Your best score just off the back rim. Thirteen o seven laughed at champ. Step outshine for macho. Crutcher hands it off Davis works around. Brooke davis. Fastball. Chessmaster Landers now Crutcher with five to shoot back down the Landers Landers against Baldwin leans back fading away missed that one top and taps it over to the Dayton veg. It was saved. He was saved a shortage. No Pauline in the fast break cannot get the lane tapped up and miss by Thompson versus today. Just keeping it alive as you said eighteen was Zeke chase down. After the steel the dogs back within ten. Scoring drought lasted four and a half minutes. Baldwin was he said he called time. That's what he thought. It was a time out. They caught a foul called Baldwin. He was defending gets Crutcher. You're right. Is it a time out? Or is it a foul? These officials are going over stock things out. There is certainly a time out on the floor. And I think it is just a timeout. Thirty second timeout that will turn into the well immediate timeout help. They are going to get a foul on Baldwin as well. Headed into that. Twelve twenty seven remaining here in the panel for Atlanta quarterfinal match between the Dayton flyers. The Butler BULLDOGS at a ten point lead for Dayton. Forty four thirty four with twelve twenty seven remaining Ortho. India has walk in clinics in India Brown's bird and Greenwood details at Ortho. Indie dot com. You're listening to the PNC pump the radio network from learfield. This is Bill ESTES. And you know, there's a lotta great history at Hinkle Fieldhouse and with the Butler way.

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