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Glendale ten out towards the new mexico line we're going to see a problem there with his ability there as well almost guarantee eastbound us sixty we just picked up a crash in the tomahawk exit ramp i say just picked up because i think this is actually the initial rollover crash that i thought was out in idaho road i think it's going to be the tomahawk exit ramp actually instead indian school east of fifty first avenue that's a crash at forty seventh avenue sixteenth street and dobbins crash that's involving a bicycle and rio verde dr west of one hundred and forty four th street we've got a crash there as well but right now the freeways are just starting to pick it up out of the east side we'll do some right times coming up this traffic report brought to you by ed marshall jewelers now is the perfect time to sell your gold silver jewelry watches coins ed marshall is vying for all of their stores right now ed marshall guarantees you the highest possible price eighty marshall jewelers were the magic begins detroit and ktar news a dry storm system is moving into the region four today we can expect increasing wind by this afternoon blowing sand and dust is a possibility wins could be gusting up to forty five miles an hour and we have wind visors posted for today from the twelve news forecast center i'm james kenya's for ktar news at seven oh two it is sixty three degrees in mesa the latest on the showdown in syria president trump has warned us air strikes or imminent today it appears the syrian military is vacating strategic targets and moving warplanes russia is also preparing all reports that russia may be conducting naval exercises off the coast of syria as a show of force fifteen warships among them a nuclear submarine and three missile frigates the us wants to send a message russia doesn't want to lose face what all waiting to see how they do that in one of the world's most complicated and unpredictable conflicts james longman abc news beirut new details us warning about the arrest of a texas nurse charged with murder william george davis is accused of inserting air into seven of his patients arteries to were badly injured two others died including sixty one year old perry frank his daughter savannah.

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