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Rob AJ Delgado was working for the trump campaign she apparently got pregnant by Jason Miller senior communications adviser who was Mary Lou and she says when she announced that she was pregnant rants previous and Sean Spicer and the other like managers in the campaign Steve ban and they froze her out she stopped getting email she stopped getting communication she was basically relieved of all her duty so now she's suing yeah well she still being paid though is my question well this is where it gets weird if they were still paying her whatever they were paying her before I don't I don't know water damages yeah I don't either do you think you can put a monetary value on being frozen Alex get you still paid me but you didn't let me to rate that we think are you yes and I'll tell you where the monetary damages OR is that I did I wouldn't campaigns when you work for a campaign resumes are very important and what you've done and what success is you had it in moving to the neck no one stays with the campaign of course longer than the campaign yeah and so the argument I would have if I were her if I were she would or is that her if I were her she or they depending on where she is at the time or were they are at the time very strange would be exactly that you have destroyed my ability or less and my ability to continue working in campaigns like career advancement yeah a judge and that's the argument I make again what are the damages specifically where the monetary damages and I don't know and she and the campaign is suing her by the way because she wants to talk about like what she did on the campaign and stuff and they're saying no you're not allowed to so they're just everybody suing right body over there all right now we've got an evangelical newspaper civil war.

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