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They got to figure that out on the different side obviously to have brit ripen who's looking like he's going to be coming back to in his senior season knew that quarterback to lead the team they're nice spring play two quarters in the spring game when fifteen for nineteen for two hundred sixty seven yards three touchdowns and but it's also going to be difficult for him as he loses cedrick wilson to the draft as he went in to set the boise state receiving record last year and with over fifteen hundred yards also they have guy named octavius evans he's pretty good too i wasn't filling him a nice nice deep threat for the broncos twenty two is texas so the longhorns definitely lost some guys over the last season they did lose six enter tom herman last year and his first year in austin looking back turning bounceback matter to have a bounce back year good could possibly do it like he did like georgia and miami did last year longhorns are gonna leave spring practice again without without a quarterback a number one quarterback sam elgar who might have a slight edge over over the junior sam bless she but definitely battled each other out bless you plus having some problems with a knee injury and shoulder while unger did go thirteen for twenty two with one hundred fifty one yards in the spring game the competition will continue over the summer and preseason camp according to cochairman so they're going to figure that out as they go along there in austin at twenty three is saying them with their new coach imbo fisher it's going to be quarterback next arkell who did throw very almost five hundred yards in that game against force in the big belt bowl but they'll be having kellerman also in there to battle him out in the in the for the starting job there monde the both mon for two touchdowns and that spring game.

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