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I mean unlike a lot of trees could give us a fighting chance to turn around climate change. You might not know this but I'm one of the guys behind behind the x prize for Carbon Capture where I donated some money to create a prize so that we'll find a way to get carbon out of the air and and hopefully even do something useful with it and my dad is actually on building up healthy soil which by the way requires animal poop but even if you don't have animal poop in your soil planting trees on just a zero point nine hectares of land could trump about two thirds of the carbon released by human activities since the start of the industrial revolution that means. You don't have to knock down a city. You don't have to take over. Farms are natural grasslands. You just reforest things maybe things that grew corn because because he wants to eat that crap anyway now our planet does have plenty of that land available and this is based on satellite imagery to see how a densely trees grow naturally in different ecosystems and we actually could you two hundred five metric. Giga tons of carbon in about a century and we'd have somewhere cool to to walk now. My guest today leads a company that sends people on Adventures all over the world and that means he's got a vested interest interest in making sure that while the place over the world that worth going to stay that way and we're GonNa talk about just all the natural wonders on the planet and what it does for your brain and and how you can travel really effectively and if you haven't guessed to him talking about today's guest is a serial entrepreneur investor advisor and founder and CEO of beautiful beautiful destinations which is an award-winning destination. I duNNO TO CALL IT agency instagram account all kinds of cool stuff but if you've seen pictures was that are like almost national geographic quality but it's places you can actually go without needing a team of sled dogs and stuff like that although there probably are sled dogs in some some of what it does The guy's name is Jeremy Jonty and he's a fascinating guy with about thirty million people following his travel content across all the different things that he works on so Jeremy Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me when we first talked about doing an interview. I was sort of like all right. Why are Bulletproof People Bernie Carbo. You have to say but when we got to know each other Mike All Right. You've even thinking a lot about what travel does for the human psyche. What's what's shifts have happened in travel in in the way people spend their money over the last just even twenty years yes so there are economic shifts as we've seen a rising middle middleclass combined with decreases in the price of athlete people are just travelling more. I think last year we saw one point eight billion international travel trips and as an industry there's trillions and trillions of dollars of GDP created through the travel industry. I think it's now about ten percent of global. GDP EP coming from travel so we race are traveling. More places are seeing the benefits and the negatives of travel and as we think about the way the industry grows it it has enormous economic impacts for countries but personally my passion is more the impact that has on people and I am. This very passionate belief. That travel is a force for good good in the world. It is a universal language that connects people regardless of their age or their gender or their income or where they come from. If you get out into the world and explore it you can uncover amazing things and make yourself a better person and hopefully have a positive impact. It's interesting this didn't make it into into game changers when I think about it because they didn't get enough. People answered your travel more as the top three things to perform better but I look back on the advice given to young entrepreneurs and people saying oh I should go to the school has to go back to business school. I should start a company like actually no. You should travel for three one hundred percent one hundred percent. I think it's the most impactful thing that you can do in your life. I think from a recovery standpoint we're talking to bulletproof vest who are looking at ways to improve their life. It has been scientifically showing that taking steps back from the daily stresses doesn't pressures. He put yourself through to go. Do something that completely expand your horizon. Experimentally has an enormous physical and physiological impact on you also just the act of meeting people and embracing new cultures. I think is incredibly empowering specially. Today we really do need to foster relationships all over the world with people that are different from us in order for Nice to be able to move forward as as a society and I think be happy Ambi healthy what I did is i. I waited till I was pretty burned out. I'd made in lost six million dollars. in the DOT COM boom at the company that held Google's first servers and I was looking at my wit's end and then I went to business school and after that I I said you know I'm completely fried and I actually got out of a long relationship and said okay. I'm just GONNA take a couple of months and it turned into three three months and then I called my parents and said Hey I'm gonNA fly him a pack up my crap and I'm just going to travel for a year and they never did that because I ended up getting some kind of a cool the job offer but that happens the idea though just going somewhere and not knowing what you're doing and I didn't realize I was going to go to bed. It was kind of on my bucket list and that was the genesis of coffee right but the idea of just showing up and figuring it out it seems like most of the time when you book travel online and things like that. It's like oh no. Everything's already a preordained. You're gonNA arrive on this day. You're going to do this thing you're GonNa do this thing and how do you navigate or recommend people navigate between serendipity when you travel and and knowing you're gonNA make it to the top of whatever amount you're gonNA clamp well. I think I think it starts with How people are now discovering traveling. We see a world where you know ubiquitous. Internet exists everywhere people have mobile devices that can connect into all manner on more on all forms of content all over the world and really with social media now and particularly with our business with Instagram we find that so many people are coming to our social channels to be inspired about where to go and what to do and perhaps a generation before us would use magazines or print or television and now because social is such an interactive experience people have going to instagram channels going to facebook going to youtube and they're saying okay that image that I see there has inspired me to now go out and travel and I think that is an incredibly powerful that when when you realize how easy it is is now to talk to people about travel how easy to get them inspired to go out and explore so we went from the days where you look like a lonely planet or something and you try ed to plan this thing and then you find out that places close and then you have you know a bunch of of in early days of the Internet it was pretty random and and all that but people weren't looking at the images it was sort of a written description and now you're saying like when you look at it and see if you connect with the image of it and then Sarah I I wanna go there in person but are so. Let's say I'm GonNa go with places where I've spent some time. I WANNA go to Machu Pichu right so so I mean if if someone says I'm GonNa do it too. They would just buy tickets and go there. I mean for me personally. If I can share the way I traveled it might help the the I think for me to do is to go onto around and look at the Hashtags for the place that I wanna go for the Geo tags and what you'll find is a wealth of information about what people's People's experiences have been like when they've been to these places so we're we're here in Montauk. Let's say we wanted to see what was going on. In the area. It would be so easy for us to go onto instagram. Graham have a look at the places that have been tagged the places that have been Hashtag and see what people's experiences have been then from there. You can also see the kind of people that are sharing those experiences answers and see if they are in communities that you're interested in if they're in communities that you're interested in is then very very easy to dart message then. It's very easy to still reach out so you went there. Let's talk absolutely you'll find that when you land on the ground in these places the community certainly within travel on social media has emerged as an incredibly incredibly collaborative community people will be open to taking you places. They'll be open to showing you around him. So our whole trouble munch that the travel is a force for good is built on the the idea that when you see a beautiful place whether it's a photo or video that you want to go to and you reach out to somebody in the community there you'll have a much richer and much more fulfilling travel but experience so it's just become much easier. I remember when I did the thing in Tibet. I had one of the very first hand held. GPS is real expensive garment thing thing and actually plotted the whole route around Mount Kailash. I don't know if anyone other than some scientists and were never done that and I didn't email that to a few people but I never got around to posting I post all my pictures and I still remember to this day. It was like hey if you WANNA go here. Just drop me an email. I'll I'll I'll tell you everything I know and probably five people did but now now I guess with instagram and all is just so much more public so you can just reach out so all right so you're completely just bypass all the plan. Every every second can ahead of time talk to the people find out what they liked what they didn't you know what guides are good Cetera et. CETERA okay. That's a cool travel actually yeah. It's a really easy way to connect with people because because I think as we see the trends and travel were seeing two enormous trends. Developing one is is wellness travel. It's now estimated to be a six hundred and forty billion dollar industry tables traveling to a SPA and so no actually traveling for complete wellness. This could be this could be to go to a SPA. This could be to have your blood work done. I did this Maybe maybe month ago. We're not a goal tourism. Come Medical Center where you're right. It's amazing it is it is amazing and to do it within an environment where you are completely relaxed and having a really deep ed engaging.

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