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Do you think the cast is GonNa be redeemed? Or is she gonNa beat well based on the other episode titles after this in the fact that these are the final episodes of the show? I kind of think she's going to be maybe not redeemed but I think her storyline is going to come to a head in this one hour special in so they can wrap that up before they wrap the show up which I think is kind of a neat idea because then we can. Instead of spending a lot of time on a conflict for the final episodes we can maybe have some nice kind of emotional happiness kind of to say goodbye instead of a big battle or something yeah and is a one hour special so a lot of stuff is going to happen. And you gotTa have some kind of Tying up happen at the end of it is not really time to introduce a whole another conflict between the after that I feel like Casandra revenge. So she's getting revenge on Rapunzel Corona Corona for being such a good home city for me when I was the daughter of a felon live in the palace and have a great job and and a father who loves me. I love Cassandra but I I hope to promote a bit more clear in this episode. Yeah she's just so I'm excited to see how it's going to go. Oh how do you think oh I thought so? You know? How various for cast one-sided but he still had for cast and he is he was like a villain that got redeem so I wonder if he's going to help Catholic with her guilt about like being forgiven because he had like kind of that guilt about like. Oh they shouldn't forgive me. I run so many bad things and our pens like helps and get over it so I wonder if he's going to reach out to CASS and be like I'm like an example of you can be redeemed. I wonder if he's if he's GonNa meet her or like or what side is going to be on. Or if he's going to be an advocate for casts earth he's going to like be like Eugene and more like opposed or. Yeah maybe if. He helps Cassandra work this. Emotion shall see him more as a Appear instead of just a younger brother and maybe maybe that's why that's why they're not there for the wedding. They're having a wedding of their own. Like a have like a marriage law. You have to be. I don't doubt it if a horse conservatives capital anything's possible fighting gravity falls where Mary's Woodpecker has a going away. Good Republican Marion Adam on Corona. Right if they're allowed to be royal guard members. I don't like to think about. I mean it's a proven fact that they can communicate with humans and can understand them so and they have the same level of intelligence and the show so they can get his true it is Eugene and Maximus do about the box. Good consent to be married. Oh my goodness questions to ask you know Chris Sonnenberg when we get him on the show boy. Do you WANNA use exit visit. Yes in February on the seven or on the second sorry. My head is still recovering. On the second of February we have race to the spire Which kind of sounds to me like another episode like when they had the treasure hunt And they were all on teams competing to get to IT I. It sounds like a hijinks Z. Kind of fun episode after that one hour of revenge yeah. I don't know I summarize those episodes I lose patience with them because look what's what's the point. We have only have so many episodes left. And you're you're not doing like a more important storyline focused. But I mean those episodes can be still. That's called character building bonding. They can be fun. Too and racist. Barracuda reminds me of that one where they had to go. Find that a piece of scroll up on that mountain with the Litho keeper of his own a bear and all. I didn't like that episode. It was it was an So yeah I know just by the title. I feel like American Lincoln as well but I don't know what see an interesting scene. How the tone? How different is after that? One hour special beginning. Go super funny with it. Or what Cassandra does get redeemed which I mean. This is not a Cassandra theorize NAP said but it does get into. She GonNa just join right back in and help them with their race or is she gonNa Kinda sit out of the next episode or be in jail. After that. Oh threaten the kingdom's I mean it would be legitimate jail but KOKOSCHKA would be so hard on her data ch and the next episode. I'm coming out on. February ninth is called a tale of two sisters and I really hope it's about Korean around and her sister because we have such an industry relationship and I really missed Have seen her sister and repentance aunt and the episodes because I really liked her and thought she was really cool so I hope that she comes back. I'm not very familiar with the book. A tale of two cities which is kind of similar to this title Soviet. Oh have a similar storyline I'm not sure but I just really hope that it has Queen around a sister and I love her. Yeah usually I feel like when the show's introduced some fun new characters they try to bring the back like Reddin angry came back. The crazy king came back so it would make sense to bring Queen. Arianna sister back. She I mean is related to a puzzle so pretty an important figure in her life in some ways And it would be nice to get another episode about the Queen Because the King Queen Anne Pretty Absent from this season so that could be cool. I could also see if Cassandra gets redeemed in the special. If this is like a tale of two sisters. And Somehow Cassandra and Rapunzel our weather is like a spiritual kind of sister. Vonda whether there's some deeper revelation they're never no no his collection. Gotham a thin not round slightly us. My goodness that's another one that the the title itself gets me really intrigued about as far as the tale of two cities. I don't think I don't think we'll see much of a connection. You think it's just kind of a fun fun for the title like how riverdale episodes are always named after some crazy movie but very rarely actually. Timothy. I would've named snow speaking of Riverdale at just renewed for a fifth season womb. Real guys you have to ride in convinced an editor Riverdale podcast with actor tangled is over the best thinking there's also an episode of gravity falls call the tale of T. stands about Chelsea cities Anderson. Okay when she used the next one. Oh yes it is my turn. I was waiting on February sixteenth We get Flynn posture. Pretty bad pun. I have to say Flynn Pasta interesting. That comes right after tale two sisters. Maybe Flynn has a twin brother and not an auster. I wonder if we'll see more funds. Dad Well Oh it's interesting that the Flynn because he's he's been called Eugene or horse for so long now so all. I wonder if it's GonNa be like so Flynn. Rider is like a book character in the universe. That's like very inspiring to children. I guess there's Evil Guy who dresses up as flynn recruits. Do bad things. I could see you'd you'd be like no. That's my challenge. Here do not desecrate his name or something like out this March. Yeah that'd be interesting. Had to like because he kind of took on Flynn writer his persona when he was lost to know what to do so maybe either precipitate on and have the same like Outta toot about it might turn into something like more evil than Eugene's at four so that'd be really interesting. Yeah that'd be cool. If there was a reason why they use Flynn in the title but I could also see how they just used it to make silly pun gene pastas. This sounds like Kinda funny hijinks episode on. It's nice to have a eugene focused one because.

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