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We're a podcast that is all about making comic books more accessible to lgbtq folks and women so if you have a question about anything related to comics comic adaptations of -tations pop culture in general conventions cost play. You name it. that's what we're here for. You can send us your questions. At bitches on comics at g. dot com. Unfortunately jima does not like the word bitch. They're pretty judgy about it so we can't have it spelled out. It is be dot t. c. h. e. s. o. n. c. o. m. i c. s. at gmail dot com and yet remember. There's no i'm bitch. If you'd like to support the podcast you can do so by rating and reviewing us on itunes spotify stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts. I'm sarah century and you can find me at. www dot serious injury dot com and twitter and instagram. still sarah century on those. I'm sec nor you can learn more about me. Se flee dot com. You can find me on twitter and instagram at at. Sei core floor. Which is on comics as recorded by kate warner who plays in the band church fire you can find them at church. Fire music dot com. Our music is recorded by katie. Taylor who plays as earth control pill you can find her music at birth control pill dot band camp dot com which is comics recorded in denver. Colorado want to recognize the indigenous peoples who had inhabited and do inhabit this land europa nation the nation a cheyenne nation and others. Who have been erased from our history. And collective memories through colonization.

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