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Become governor of Colorado. He will become the first openly gay man to win a gubernatorial election in US history. Defeating Republican treasurer Walker Stapleton to succeed the term limited democratic governor John Hickenlooper. So again, it's a democratic hold in that Colorado governor's race in. Josh you had sort of started this conversation earlier. Dana Perino that for a couple of election cycles. Colorado sort of had that swing state kind of feel but this was a race that that police has been the front runner in from the beginning. Well, let's take a step back and look at who. Jared polis is he's probably going to be a much more liberal democratic governor John Hickenlooper who who is talked about as a possible independent now may cannon. He may he may run on an independent ticket a very moderate democratic governor Opole is spent before he was even elected to congress. He's very independently wealthy and spent a millions of dollars helping to elect Liberal Democrats into the state legislature. So this is Deanna saying that Colorado and also Virginia are moving to to the left under Trump, and that has only accelerated in this midterm election. But at the same time when we talk about the Senate, we're looking at Republicans making gains in the Senate, Indiana, North Dakota, Missouri looking good for Josh Holly right now with with the early returns coming in. So this election is looking like a split decision. Dem's doing well in the suburbs. Doing well. And in the house, but Republicans may end up getting a pretty healthy majority in the Senate. Yeah, that's what we don't. Yet know what we do know is Fox News can project it Republicans will retain control of the United States Senate that clinched with the win of Ted Cruz and Texas who fought off a very. Challenge from congressman Vetere rock in what has been now the most expensive Senate race in US history. But now the house of representatives changing the democratic hands, and it will set up a lot of interesting questions moving forward about how both sides try and message of this election in the two thousand twenty. Yeah. I mean, this is the races. I'm watching most closely are those governor's races in Florida Georgia in the Senate race in Texas beta Abrahams and Gillam all trailing and that's a bad night. If you're a liberal Democrat, and it has lessons for Democrats in two thousand twenty more race calls as we get them. Stay with us because we have plenty more racist to cover the highlights. The Senate will be controlled by the Republicans the house of representatives will be controlled by the Democrats for the first time in eight years. Stay with us. You're listening to America's election headquarters. Coverage of the twenty eighteen.

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