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You've kind of cheese earlier with all the running or with the tight ends that went off the board here tony pollard to show and crow whereas followed by ronald jones delib norian. Then you have trail aunts. Who kern reef says he loves. Trae lance in this format trae lance will be backing up cuyler. Murray for shane hallam squad in the three hole. You have david. Johnson going off the board In the at the eleven afford florida migrant then The tight end run begins lake. Darwin sigmund bloom. Johnny smith to mike guzzi. Lack and joe skoza. Jared cook to howard vendor gerald everett to j. reid and scott connor Then matt ryan the hime hines to muccio tear bossy respectively. Michael pittman off the board as the loan. Receiver selected in the eleventh round evans silva got him as number six and then rob gronkowski. Brian lips he goes back to back. Tight ends in end. Grim and rob gronkowski. Do you have a favorite tight end in the eleventh. I mean i know you talked about the new england tight ends earlier. John smith is your favorite tight unselected in the eleventh round No my favorite tied interested in the eleventh round is gerald everett. Ever i would have taken In this is our boys reading connor correct. I would probably take in henry and Hope that ever would work his way back around to me. I don't know I'm surprised in this format that that those players are available and that the competition. Let these guys get them so late. What a great job hunter henry. Excellent downfield catching a ball catching tied in Gerald everett ready to explode. And she and shane helms offense. This is a fantastic opportunity of these guys that In these number digit rams to pick up tight as i say as the board I i really am shocked at michael pittman on the board and you live with around makes me wanna go google and see if anything happened to michael pittman. This is a player that should be going. Musher here as well as Is his associated. Receivers with the colts. peirce gambling ty hilton because it appears that they are still available as i scan the board a lot going on in this round That This is very very good players here now. In hudson kern read is going to be a little bit upset with. When i tell him the trae lance is going to remind him this year trae. Lance is going to remind him this year of one quarterback named case some hill down in new orleans. Because i think that's what's look like with Garoppolo in trae lance in that offense is going to resemble winston and.

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