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Of the main franchise almost every year basically every year right and that's just more than even star wars rather fans want right this was the first time where there was basically i think a a six month window usually it was an entire year so six months was just too soon you know i think disney he may have thought will marvel can release a movie every four months but those marvel movies are different you have black panther ant man of injuries they're not the saint star wars there's a little bit of a the same thing every time right you're not having these different genres within and this one hasn't even cracked two hundred million i think it's the lowest grossing of any star wars movie spinoff our main one ever and has been described in some circles as quote unquote the movie nobody wanted and i know that disney as you've just written is still processing it's been a humbling experience for disney yeah you know they haven't actually officially dated any movies other than jj abrams episode nine for december twenty nine teen but you know we knew from from sourcing that they were working on and obi wan movie hopefully with you and mcgregor there were james mangold developing a fat spinoff you know while none of those are officially green lit they the solo disappointment has caused them to kind of reassess what they're going to deal with this stuff i mean going into solo it would be a natural fit to say hey we really need to fast track donald glover landau rizzi and movie because people loved him from the movie but if the movie is such a disappointment that's probably not on the fast track more you know a wrinkle in time meanwhile i one hundred million dollar movie ever directed by black woman and it just did not perform really now just cross the one hundred million dollar mark domestically because it looks like disney up the number of theaters in recent weeks as it was getting it looked like that number was attainable i guess symbolically that's significant that at least it's domestic all is going to be almost what its budget was maybe a little over that but those aren't the kinds of numbers disney was hoping for some people have said maybe it's a case of the book really was unfilmable in there was just something there where audiences weren't really responding to it you know a lot of people did like if you look on social media a lot of people like the representation and the message of it are very positive a message but maybe it just wasn't the kind of thing where people rushing out to see it for whatever reason you know and for me it was a little bit of a i'm an adult and it was a little bit of a kids movie which is actually great because kids need movies i think we're so used to kid properties like marvel being made for adults that we think when we actually see a real kids movie we go didn't really relate but that's kind of the point though it's not for me right well wonder if that was maybe ultimately just a marketing problem because maybe people just didn't really understand who it was aimed at yeah that definitely could have been the case right but i've talked to parents whose kids loved it yeah yeah meanwhile disney has had tremendous success through another segment of its business the pixar side of things where the incredible to had a record breaking opening weekend last weekend it's one hundred million dollar opening weekend gross was the highest for any animated film ever and one of the top ten openings of any film ever animated or otherwise what does this mean for pixar at a time when they've just lost their their leader john lasseter her who was caught up in the whole metoo thing and who has now been replaced by pete dr jennifer lea to filmmakers who have worked at pixar and then why do you think the sequel fourteen years after the original incredible 's has really resonated so much just seems to me that people who were kids fourteen years ago and loved it have probably aged out of the target demo but i guess a whole new generation's been been raised on the on the dvd or streaming of it who i curious what you think that's all about yeah i mean i guess we'll see these movies take so long to make that the kind of the effect of lasser exit they'll take a little while to to see how that goes i mean he certainly one of the top credits on.

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