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Sitting in the dressing in mind to make the greens more tender. So the wind delicious. Yes. Okay last but not least what you do about dessert? Well, I think you want to balance the work again. So if you've chosen the easier route with your main course, then maybe you want to do something a little more elaborate for your dessert. It's still keeping it easier. Something to feed a crowd like a great sheet cake as opposed to, you know, a layer cake that Yeah, a lot more work and doesn't feed as many people. Um, we have Ah, great chocolate. She cake with a milk chocolate frosting. That's fantastic. Or we just recently published a book. That's the perfect pie, and we have a whole chapter on slab pies. Which are big pies, large format pies that are baked in a sheet pan. And there's still love the idea of a large format pie. That sounds so good, right? Does. They're great, and you cut them in squares, and you can get 20 to 24 servings out of one of those so You know, it's everything you like about pie, but it Confia crowd easily. That's a great idea. And you could do a savory 1 to 4 for the appetizer. Yeah, it's a great idea. So you know what you're doing? Don't Kristi. Thank you so much for coming in with all these ideas. Thanks for having me, Sally. Christy Morrison is senior editor of Special Projects in America's Test kitchen. You could find a bunch of their recipes for a crowd, including roasted whole side of salmon with arugula and almond pesto. And, of course, their bacon Ranch cheeseball. That's bloody table. Coming up, Chef coming and watching and I trade some catering war stories. Francis Lam and this splendid table from Support for cake comes from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company No matter how people enjoy the outdoors, Sierra Nevada wants you wants to help. Make sure their voices are heard. Sierra Nevada supports protect.

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