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Denouncing Zanan Kfi am thirteen ten Kfi K.. A. Dot com mornings. Gail fueled by great. Western petroleum live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right, so did you watch the trump rally from Tulsa Oklahoma be interested in your thoughts on that nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten i. mean you had the mainstream? Lame stream media calling president trump always a super spreader I. Don't know it gets back to the hypocrisy here. which protests are acceptable in a time of cove nineteen, and which are not, and is there indeed? No, it's not rhetorical. Is there indeed a double standard here I mean? The media rarely cited the virus a during the social justice protests, but oh my gosh, the uproar over the trump rally, but asks the question. It begs the question. I should say did tick Tock and K pop K. pop is Korean. Pop vans sabotage the trump rally in Tulsa. It's kind of interesting. Oh. Yes, we haven't had. A HICFA knee of the day for quite some time, but after top Democrats gloated that teenage activists had sabotaged. At President Trump's. Oklahoma rally on Saturday. Trump campaign fired back within hours, saying that media organizations are complicit in spreading false narratives about the event and that protesters and the corona. Were indeed the real culprits Inter representative Alexandria Cossio Cortez specifically, asserting taking to twitter that teenagers allegedly reserved scores of tickets for the Tulsa Event Online, then failed to show up thus preventing others from being able to attend. Here's what a cause.' Oh Cortez road to. Trump campaign manager Brad Scowl referring to a popular Chinese video, sharing social media application actually. She, said debris I'd Brad. You just got rocked by teens on. TIKTOK now a spokesperson for the Tulsa Fire. Department said that fire marshal records so that just under sixty two hundred scan tickets were logged for the rally at the. Center the figure doesn't include trump's team. Staff members I believe six of them Oh. Yeah, this was e- latest outcry on the mainstream media was just kind of following this. In advance of the rally O- six campaign workers tested positive for Ovid. Oh, it's the end of the world as we know it. Because member I'm not making light of it and I'm not diminishing the number of people that have died as a result of cove nineteen, but this is a two tier to track conversation with. With more testing. You're going to get more positive results. Eighty to eighty five percent of US don't even know that we have it or we have the sniffles, or we have to clear our throat of APPs. We have a cough. Not Undermining the upward white of one hundred twenty thousand people across the country who have died from it, but you need to separate numbers in terms of testing from a spike in hospitalizations. I know I. Keep Repeating that, but it's important that we keep that in mind meanwhile. Back to this piece out of Fox News, guilty as charged, yeah, the president and his campaign this in advance of the rally at talented one million ticket requests, the area the arena's capacity is nineteen thousand scale for his part. countered by explaining the campaigns process for screening out false ticket requests, which was implemented after activists made similar efforts to derail previous rallies. It's not their first Rodeo. They know what's going on. He said leftists and online trolls doing a lap thinking they somehow impacted rally attendance. Don't know what they're talking about. Or how rallies actually work reporters, who gleefully about tick, Tock and K pop without contacting the campaign for comment behaved unprofessionally, and we're willing dupes. So the charade now here's something else to think about. If Cossio Cortez's claims about TIKTOK Richard. Well, wouldn't that represent? Unprecedented, foreign-based election interference that Democrats ordinarily claim to oppose because think about it tick. Tock is owned by the Beijing based Technology Company. Bit Dance Eight fifty-seven now thirteen ten KFI. Weber holes bored story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI, K..

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