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What they thought and even that small numbers still have the opportunity as long as they drop, breath to live up to the example of John McCain political analyst Larry Sabato. This is one of those events. That, was so wrenching over the course of a week that most people are going to remember. The things they loved. About John McCain. And they're going to remember how utterly wretched Donald Trump was to McCain. Tonight President Trump tweeted make America great again even, though Megan McCain said today at the service. That her father's America is already great CBS news special report I'm Alison key local grandfather is dead after, being stabbed, at a, birthday party in Utica it all happened reportedly, at, grant park, this afternoon, that grandfather was attending his grandchild's first, birthday he reportedly approached a man on. A nearby porch who was doing drugs and asked him to Stop they were young children at. That park at the time for. The, birthday party the suspect is then said to have stood up and allegedly stabbed the victim. Fifteen times cops were. Then unseen two. Ambulances arrived as stay with w w j this story continues to develop. Aretha Franklin's legacy is living on following that funeral, service yesterday at greater grace temple in Detroit. Today an apology issued by Bishop Charles Ellis third I saw Ariana GRANDE day on the program A new something at Taco Bell joke from Friday's mass, for Aretha Franklin. Follow day performance by popstar Arianna Guerande she. Saying Franklin's, natural woman maybe.

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