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Today's show features one of the greatest athletes of our generation. I know i say that week over week. This person dominated the pitch since she was first given a ball at age four then just a year later when she was five playing organized ball for the first time she scored twenty seven goals in her first three games then was moved up age groups and over to the boy side that some prodigy stuff right there. Abby wambach was an all everything player of the year and everything in highschool literally. Too many awards to run. Through in this intro though. She did herald from a bit of a lacrosse down in rochester. New york rock. Vegas gotta give a shout out to all those in the upstate and instead of going to the fifteen time. Nca champion in north carolina. She surprised everyone in committed to the university of florida. The home of gatorade where she won a national championship with underdogs as soon as her freshman year and on the show we talk about abbie's world cups olympic medals pro soccer career that spanned different teams leagues and hundreds and hundreds of goals though. Abby is far more than one of the greatest and winningest soccer players in history. We spent a lot of the time on the show talking about her beginnings from the coaching moments. That moated her as a great teammate. Too hard hitting lessons from legends like michelle to the most challenging of her career and she calls also the most rewarding when she was moved from a starter to a supporter in her last world cup. The tested her leadership resolve from an all new angle on the pitch and of course we do reminisce on that header heard around the world in the final seconds of world cup match against brazil. We talk about that and everything from relationships awareness support in the community and building a wolfpack lessons designed from her bestselling book truly a favorite guest and conversation. That will continue to listen back to many times in the future. Let's.

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