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So it's funny. How that doesn't Hansen your legacy down the road? But as far as Zayn Williamson or anybody else in the future. It's going to be up to the individual to what they wanna do your view on. It's going to be different than my view on it. If I was given this ridiculous talent and molded it as a teenager as a fourteen year old, and I was told by scouts. Hey, you're going to be the number one pick in the draft. Honestly, I probably wouldn't go to college. I'd probably want to get paid. That's just me. I'd say, you know, what I want to get paid. And I'm the opposite. That's fine. That's the beauty of each zone. Do what you wanna do? This injury has. Been annoying and I feel bad for him. Somebody start before I say, it's annoying. I feel bad for Zion. Williamson. I hope he's okay. President Obama was treated about me. I get hurt. I slip outside. I think I'm getting a tweet from Obama saying, oh, I wish he's like a good care. Meanwhile, President Obama's cursing himself out thinking why even come to this? Reggie look he's got he's got a ways in Spike Lee, probably didn't pay either. But the truth is those guys went there. Most look do with Carolina's a great robbery. There's tremendous town on the floor is, you know, more than a lot of people as a hard college basketball fan. But the story was I Williamson. I hope he's okay. I think he's going to be okay. This is not going to alter his career. But I'll tell you why the injuries annoying. It is become and maybe it's because it's February it is been blown up over the last twelve hours as the biggest injury in the history of sports among these folks, it's a mild knee sprain. Guys, get hurt. Kyri irving. Got her came back. My quarter got hurt came back. Yeah. And his story it happens. I think what led to the magnitude of it is how it happened. You had a hyped up game between Duke North Carolina would ticket prices through the roof. You mentioned luminaries that were there, including former president and also the way it happened. It was weird you buckles. Yeah. I mean, I've seen shoes fall off NBA players and fall off college basketball players and I've seen guys hit a three anyway in their socks we've seen that. That's normal. We've seen guys sprained their ankle. We've seen brutal injuries. Whether it's in college with Kevin ware. Whether it's in the NBA with Victor Oladipo or my guy Carris Liberte we've seen injuries. We've seen all of them. I gotta tell you, man. I've never seen a guy shoe. Explode, basically. And then guys need get hurt. Like, I've never seen that kind of injury before. So it was weird. So I think a lot of wood added to the magnitude of it is who he is when it occurred thirty seconds into the game out of the gate the atmosphere where it was taking place in all of that has led it to basically it being talked about like the biggest injury in the history of sports. He's going to be fine is going to be drafted by whoever wins the lottery, we're all bringing up the Bates that, you know, they're interesting debates to college that they should guys get paid guys play tomatoes nothing to do with this though signed Williamson wanted to go to college like you said, and he may have gone to college. Anyway, even if you didn't have to so it's a debate. That's always there. But it's being magnified by an injury that we're probably gonna find out. It's not that big of a deal and one note seven for these Williamson hater out there for a guy who says or gal who says he's game on translate at the next level. Look at the devils. When Zeile Williamson one off the four. I don't think I do know I do know interior president hold on a second. What do you mean? I'm gonna tell you why. Because I'm not Zayn Williamson hater by any stretch. And I'd probably take a number one overall in the draft. Okay. And I think he's going to be a really good NBA player. So that all out there. And a part of why I'm not convinced. He's going to be a franchise changer is kind of a compliment to him. He's very different. I've never seen a player like unique. He's very unique can develop a jump shot. Of course, he can. Of course, he he works his butt off at the next level. He could become a thirty eight percent three point shooter. It can happen. When you bring up guys in today's NBA who don't have jump shots like Yana Sonoko like Ben Simmons. They're different than this guy. He's just he six seven. He's not six ten with the wingspan of a pterodactyl Tara pterodactyl. The wingspan of a pterodactyl. I'm not convinced. He's going to be the defender in college. What he'll be in the NBA different bodies athletes. Most of the guys on the floor yesterday. In a Duke North Carolina game. We'll be what in the NBA RJ. Barrett will be good Cammarata. She'll be good. How many other guys on the floor are going to be starters? That stars starters in the NBA probably three to four who came radish. I just named him. He's his teammate RJ Barrett. Who would it be faced who would if he defended on a very good North Carolina team pan Johnson as a starter in the league potentially checked it as a second round pick could start. We players star. Jay, that's a that's a h I've watched him play. I think he's good that look if you think hey scouts are going to be wrong. He may be drafted in the second round. 'cause you are right. I want that's fine. The odds are that team a top college team is going to feature one maybe starter in the NBA. Is that what you're telling me? Okay. So how can you compare that to defending NBA bodies you go into the nets? Tonight. Hap- something came up. All right. I'll be so. Anyway, whatever if you watch the game that was game. It's part of the reason why I like college basketball. I don't love it. He'll be a so far superior talent wise, it's not it's not comparable. How could you compare? Well, look what happened to Duke yesterday. Once he was out of the game. It's college basketball. He's not defending NBA body. He's such an imposing figure for that team to say that he's not the most important player on Duke showed that well, that's basically implying I'm implying him at the next level. I'm not talking about him. And you take them off the four. They're totally different team is a different team. That's what I'm saying take Cy Williams saying that and put them in a different uniform. You're telling me that's not going to help the NBA the NBA. He's gonna be game changing play. That's what I'm not sure about that. Look, he's importance to do cannot be argued hacking argue that you the way you started. It was you saw the difference. He makes and that's why he's going to be great in the NBA. There's nothing to do with it. Do and the way he can't impose his will on a game in college. He will be able to have contact. I do that's fine. Last night doesn't prove anything about what he's going to do in the NBA though. That's my response to you, it proves his importance to Duke. Absolutely. Can they win a national championship without him? Be very very tough. I'm on. No, okay. Of course. I don't think that do quilting last night, especially defensively proves anything about what is it the NBA? I'm not convinced. He's going to be that kind of guy in the NBA because I don't know if physically he is going to be able to impose himself on NBA bodies. I put my money on. Yes. Feleti talent. Like that. I understand he's not Simmons. I understand. He's not Janas. He's a different type of different. But he's doing things on a basketball court that have to be honest never seen before. It's unique. It's different. And what the jury's out on whether or not he's going to be able to translate. I'm putting my money on Eddie. Well, that's why I think that point. That's why. Why I would never classify myself as a hater of the guy because with all of my concerns about him at the next level. I take them number one. I think he's going to be really good. But I think Blake Griffin's, really good. Would you say Zayn Williamson turns into a Blake Griffin like player he had what kind of career? Would that be a disappointment your Nick fan? You get Zayn Williamson. He becomes Blake Griffin. Blake Griffin's and all star caliber that. But some of them as this will. I think it's weird we Griffin I expected Moore's first couple years in the league. But if you want stay coming out of Oklahoma that he'd have what like three or four all star appearances. I don't have it in front of me. But if you tell me three or four all star appearances, I said, wow, that's pretty impressive. He's had a good career. But I think what you're taking number one overall and you come into the league with a lot of hype. It's not just about making a few all star games. It's about being a franchise player. Blake griffin's. Not a franchise player as good as he is. And we thought he might be the were gel the expectations of him coming in the NBA, Las golf. Yeah. Because what ended up happening with Blake Griffin. And he's a good players is a multiple all time all star is that he was a lot more sizzle than he was the actual stake. That's what I wonder about with Zion. Williamson. I think he's going to be very good at the next level. I don't know if he's going to be that franchise altering superstar in maybe a part of it. It is that he is so different. And sometimes you look at differences and say that's a sign that he's going to be great. But sometimes I look at it and say, I don't know who to compare him to think about that with him. I look at my watch him play. And I say who is he at the next level. I've heard Jodi maxi Charles Barkley. I don't know if I see that one. Remember the week is changed. I think the biggest thing is being able to work on that show who would become great players in this league or the super athletes they have evolved their game for Brian James as involved this game Janas with his jump shot now developing solely. But surely, he's evolved this graph to do that. We'll be there are guys. There are star players in this league. Who don't have a jump shot who don't hit the three point shot? Ben Simmons gets made fun of it all the time won't even attend. One Kumo is going to develop one it's slowly happening. Is there a guy in the NBA who is six seven does not have a jump shot who is a star player or a really good player. The answer to that is no. It does not there right now, Tim BA. And so I guess that's part of why a look at them. And I still we take them number one. See that's the thing. I always go back that I still take them. It's burying the guys. Like, I'm telling you. Lunches, not convinced. So let me ask you a question. Do you remember watching two guys? Kevin Durant in college. Yes, James harden in college, James Horne. I'm brought this up yesterday..

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