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Support for this podcast in the following message comes from the ups store who knows small business owners don't get to take days off so of you need help with shipping this upcoming holiday they'll be open the ups store franchise locations are independently owned and operated services prices in hours may vary see sensors for details live from npr news in washington i'm luiz schiavone nate is now a tropical storm the national hurricane center says the system is expected to weaken as it moves inland nate made landfall as a hurricane twice it second arrival nearby luxy mississippi troy public radio's kyle gasset reports tornadoes have already touched down in some parts of alabama and power outages have happened in places were trees have been blown over taking electrical lines done with them the state's emergency management agency is monitoring the situation around the clock with personnel from both alabama and neighboring states brian hastings the agency's director says that albanians need to understand the storm's impact on the state i cannot stress enough hurricane nate is an alabama storm this is our storm in it's going to affect all of us it's not a coastal issue it's not a central issue it's from one end to the other storm surges our particular concern areas around mobile where the potential height of a surge between six to nine feet for npr news i'm kyle gasset in montgomery president trump says he's willing to cut a short term deal with congressional democrats to shore up the affordable care act but as npr scott horsely reports democrats are not impressed president trump says he telephoned democratic senate leader chuck schumer to explore a possible healthcare compromise after republican efforts to repeal the affordable care act repeatedly failed.

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