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Hi i'm patricia rubric. And i'm katina sawyer and welcome to the worker being podcast so today is katina article. What did you pick for us today. It is so today we're gonna be talking about the power of humility in teams so being humble and how that might help cut down on bullying in teams so unfortunately bullying is an issue that affects many people at work and creating a team. Environment that discourages bullying can be a good way to solve. That problem and new research shows that humility might be a key for doing that. So that's what we're gonna be talking about. That's interesting. I mean it makes sense to some ex- when you hear about it it's like oh one of those together but wait. May i would so. I'm really curious to hear about it. A little bit more I do think that the willing is topic is important talked about it before so. I'm glad we're continuing that conversation. Yes and right now with Some collaborators doing meta-analysis on humility leader humility in particular. And we're finding some interesting effects. across Different demographics like. We're finding that age matters. In terms of how much people value humility it matters differently across cultures so humility is actually kind of a an interesting construct cross cultures. Makes a lotta sense. I feel like when Like a my last job doing some research with humility as well and the cultural piece was very important So i'm i'm not surprised it's coming up. I'll be curious to hear about that paper when it's ready. That'd be a good one to bring but for today we have this paper. Yes and before you tell us about it. how about. Let's cello about your day house. Or and how's everything going. Yeah so our weekend was actually really nice. So i think i might have mentioned this time around but We basically have like travel like every weekend from now until like forever and so this forever. Yeah and so. This past weekend was like the last weekend for a long time that we're just like here So we just decided to kinda like chill so we were like ice. Yeah so on friday. I think we ordered food and watched great. British bake off Which i find such a delightful show like i truly just like.

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