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More so than bending the regular PGA tour and European tour events. I think there are a lot more opportunities to make money. We talk about. Diversifying your portfolio on this show. I think when it comes to the Ryder Cup with the unique nature with how you can compare strengths and weaknesses for the teammates, stuff like that. I, there are so many more opportunities here that it was good to spend. You know, a decent part of two segments are on the show about the Ryder Cup. Yeah, exactly. And one thing to be advised, especially for some of the west coast listeners of the banged book podcast is that you know you're going to have to get up early to play some of these bath, especially when they have a morning session that's usually put out the night before. And then before that first session ends, they're putting out the the the afternoon session matches. And you know, I heard from Jeff Sherman over at the west gate who those at all on Twitter, some of these matchups they're not going to be able to get up at the book, but they will have on the RAB simply because the book is not open when some of these matchups are going to go off. So I mean, you know, there are actually books that close for a few hours out here to and then have to come in the morning and set odds and whatnot and get prices up on the screen. But you know, that's one thing to to kind of be aware probably because of the time of the year with the. NFL and college football going on gets ignored, but there are opportunities here and even if you only met a couple of matchup, this is a really fun event to watch. This is arguably the most talented or Cup in history. This is the first time actually, I believe in Ryder Cup history layers in the official world golf rankings play in the event which which makes sense. Because in the past years, you've had tons of Australian players VJ Singh from Fiji guys from South Africa. So you've had non US and non European players in that top ten. And for the first time you don't have that here for a Ryder Cup. So I think that this is going to be a really fun watch and a really competitive event. And you know, hope everybody at least gets involved in watching the. So basically what you're saying west is you're not getting much sleep this weekend. More than likely, not. All right. Let's transition over to the NFL side of things here because I want to spend a few minutes talking about derivative betting which assuming that you have a lot of success with you are a very, very high volume handicapper at west Reynolds on the number one on Twitter. If you follow him, you know that he's a very high volume handicapper. So we talked in the previous segment with Brian Leonard about inflated NFL totals and what they're doing for me teaser standpoint. I want to ask you, what are these inflated totals doing for you for me derivative standpoint. Well, I think you've been able to find a little bit of value, especially maybe going over in some of the first half I used to like to go under, but even, you know, games and I'm not even talking about where you have the two big offenses like you had with the chargers in the Rams. You know, I'm talking like a Denver and also more. I mean, that thing went over the first half total last week. 'cause I played the first half over twenty or twenty. Three that's thing went over by the first quarter and you know two teams that you wouldn't expect with being like an offense shootout. So you're seeing that. And I also think you're seeing books try to get ahead and try to adjust because just so many of rule changes or the rule enforcements or so many penalties being called..

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