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Like the joke is meta and they're like let's make text. Just thanks. jeff. That's that that's kind of my entire. Take on gyp jones's career. Thanks jeff. i liked. I liked to say like a lot of these stuff. I mean. yeah he did. I mean like early career geoff. Johns is perfectly fine. He was a mediocre successor. Tomorrow the mark waiting tradition of superheroes Exact he was a perfectly capable redder. I wait isn't like wait waiting. John's have you could see mark. Wade's influence on john's they have similar. Tech's away lacks. John's is over. Necessarily they have way doesn't need to yell at you that his characters are bad as every for dessert. no no that's his. That's his shtick for johnson's solo. Yes needed sometimes. He doesn't at all. No wade explains to you sometimes in really minute detail. How bad ass is characters are with many different thought captions fat. How bad as they are. All right. an-and. John's is just constantly yelling at you of a help as they are or how serious what he's doing is and yeah. Yeah okay going in a different tack than i did. Just remember one or the other heinous mistakes of the new fifty two. If i'm remembering this timeline properly didn't the new fifty to kill gail simone secret. Six comic killed everything that was going on right. I just wanted to make it. Not ninety four did though like they took it basically out of continuity and it only ran. What like three or four more issues before shoehorned into its own little corner and did mess. It made it really difficult for morrison to stick the landing that they planned. That's fair. i still love that run which is good. Yeah but i think it's impossible to think more morrison's my favorite compaq writer ever because it can't be ellis anymore. That's true. I think i think that. What more clan. What they planned could not be executed the way they want it like in the new fifty two. I think it's arguable. If you read those later issues that it does not throw them off and you know like i mean similar to how they left x. Men they wanted to leave batman on a fundamental transform the character which they kind of do but dc also at the same time just on that with the new status quo that they gave scott snyder so it just kinda took the wind out.

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