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Went off of four and and just tagged the wall. Not just enough that we had to pull the quarter panel back out so really minimal damage, but unfortunately, you can't make any adjustments after qualifying. So, um Positives. Negatives. Car was pretty good, but obviously we gotta start in the back. So, um, hopefully, you know, lonely entrepreneur Chevy. Just gonna be good enough to work its way back forward. You know, it's a Is going to be a long grind to get up there, but I think we got a good enough car from from what I felt this morning. Did you at least give it a good shot? Say, what are some of the things you can do? Obviously stuff on the track. But what can Jerry and the guys do on pit road? Is a chance you might go with no tires or two tires. Yeah, I mean, I think we've seen a little bit from the Other races. There wasn't a lot of fall off. But there was some degradation as far as, um, You know, tires wearing out not necessarily lap time, but I don't know. It will be interesting. Jerry may have to make some strategic calls to try to get us some track position. But I know if we can get our way back up your towards stops in, uh we'll have a shot to have a good day. So See how goes it will be fun watching you all right. Appreciate it. Eric Jones, Crew chief Jerry Baxter. They'll be rolling off here on the grid Ninth, Woody, but like he said, they made that adjustment. They'll have to go from the back to the front. All right. Thanks, Jason. Let's go back now to Steve Post to see you. He's caught up with all the drivers are assembled down here. This is absolutely chaos down here. We have all kinds of fans around and all the people are here hanging out getting pictures made with everybody all of the drivers down here and making her way around to see one of our winners from earlier this weekend, Ryan priests leaning up against his in Timmins Chevy Camaro. From J T G dirty racing. Catch up with Ryan here. Real quick, Ryan. The win on Friday night in the truck series. What types of things did you learn? And how does that apply to today's cop race man? It's uh, it was certainly confidence booster, that's for sure. But These cars are just a lot more horsepower, less down force. But having the laps and learning the racetrack was certainly an advantage for me. Um, but, man, I like the resin they put down. I thought that was awesome. Was activated right away, and it was just enough grip, but not too much, So it's cool. I think that's going to be a big part of today. See what happens. Ryan Priest ready to go here today? Jason Toy Kevin Harvard, getting ready to jump behind the wheel of his Ford and his son Keelin here with him as well. Here on Father's Day and killing did a heck of a job. You and I talked to qualifying. This is a cool ride you got here today? Yeah, it really is. And just want to say thank you to Monster Jam and the Anderson family for allowing us to to run this grave digger paint scheme on on our Ford Mustang, So it's Obviously, I grew up watching grave digger as a kid and kill and I watch Monster jam all the time. And to have those guys and their kids here on on Father's Day has been has been a lot of fun and and to see the reaction from the people in the garage and the fans as has been overwhelming.

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