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Lacking. Tom This is a common NASA setting you the first of what will likely be five clips for the new series, the new season of the new series. Of the twilight zone for full disclosure, I have watched the first four episodes at the time of this recording. this weekend. I'm probably going to hit the rest of them. I man. This serious it it. It certainly gives you a lot to talk about at least well. Let's start here I wanNA start with the things that I found really positive. Only keep this one to the first two. You know in keeping with the format. So I'll talk about some conclusions. That I think. I've made at least for myself. in the next clip next week quiet. Let's just talk about the series itself so far starting I, WanNa start with the positives I think. The Look of the show. The consistency of the look carries over into season two really well and really perfectly whoever is doing costume design, the set design the scouting for wherever they're doing like actual shooting instead of on sets. I I think that's to a credit to like some of. It looks like it's a real city. Some of it may be isn't doing a really good job with that. Everything looks amazing you know, and and it's consistent, and it looks great and I. think that there. They serve no what they wanted to look like even more, so you know it's wanting to know what you want in a season one and then do it and figure it out. It's another thing to have seen what you did in an replicate and enhance on that and I think they totally have done that this season. I also think that the directing follow suit it's it's much tighter much better, the angles that what they're trying to say with the angle. Is that what they're expressing emotionally with the way that it shot with the actors are. doing performing all points to really great direction. You know where I think I've got some issues. Thus far is sort of the writing and direction of of the writing. I tried not to take a look at the flick chat. You. Know just because I. I wanted cervix my own opinion, but I couldn't resist taking a look and I saw that most people were really positive about the first couple of episodes and so i. if nothing else, it just made me feel bad. For, not liking, what I saw for the most part. there are elements of what was done that. I really liked. But I put it to you this way the hype around the second season. Before. It came out from people that had seen it before it came out was that this season was different? It wasn't as politically charged was more about the inner self. and. You know that that may or may not be a good thing and I. I was open minded to that being a good thing because I think the. Sort of experiment, the entertainment experiment of taking the original twilight zone and splitting the atom, so to speak and saying. Season One's going to be about the political statements or the the social justice statements or the civil rights, statements and season two is going to be about the inner self, the conscious the ethics, stuff and season three would be about this or that, or whatever other thing that you wanNA split from the combined thirty three episode four to five seasons of the original, and then of course the. The season for our lungs I think that's an interesting experiment, but I don't know if that experiment is working after watching the first, let's just say two episodes sits. That's what we're talking about here, so let's get into the show episodes themselves before I before I really go negative here because I. don't want just crush. In America we have. A saying that I don't use personally that I think. Tommy might find funny. Being from not hearing, it is I. Don't want to come and Piss on everyone's cornflakes. But that being said I started watching the first episode. which was called, meet in the middle, and I thought I really liked what I saw like I thought the inner conversation with the woman, and the expression of his loneliness, and possibly her loneliness. At that point. You don't know whether she's real or not. I just an intimacy that comes from that you know him. Go against the grain of what you know. Society wanted for him, which was sort of like you know to get married to anyone that was available. He wanted something deeper and he and he founded by this weird twilight zone interaction. And, all that was going great, and there are a lot of great messages It reminded me a little bit of like the themes that were in hanged the DJ from black. Mirror, and then the ending happened. Wow, I didn't like what they did at all. It made the entire messaging the episode pointless to me just for the sake of putting a twist I just didn't I didn't like it at didn't get it. I thought because they didn't end on the time enough at last shot of him picking up the glasses that just became to Idris, who's just pointless to be in the episode? It was just there for the sake of. You know an Easter Egg, whereas if the episode had ended there, you've had the same sort of ending of like. Wow, this guy didn't do anything to anybody except one what he wanted, and he was shattered by that, and that would have been I don't know. Maybe it would have been a cornea ending, but it certainly would have made sense. I think that's the key thing is like. What are you trying to tell me with this episode? So if you don't have a? A social issue bent on something. You know if you're not giving me point of origin or.

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