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Tonight both happen to be associates of Rudy Giuliani president. Trump's personal lawyer. ABC News has just learned that to foreign born trump donors who are part of Rudy Giuliani's efforts to investigate Joe Biden have been arrested. They have been charged with campaign finance violations and are set to appear in court in Virginia. This was the first arrest of the Ukraine investigation left Parnasse and eager from in both were associates of Rudy. Giuliani who've been helping him in his quest to find dirt on the Biden's but how they became key figures and trump's extortion of Ukraine. That's something we do. Now in. Their story offers a window into the corruption. Chaos of the trump White House. And how how. Many people stood to benefit from their willingness to shape down the Ukrainian government colluding about Russians which. I'm not even know if that's a crime polluting about Russia. Okay on April twenty first. This happened Ukrainian comedian has won the presidential election with a landslide. Securing more than seventy percent cent of the vote in Ukraine Episode Three Extortion on July Twenty Fifth Jeff Twenty nine thousand. Nine trump had his now infamous phone call with the newly elected. Ukrainian president below. d'humieres Alinsky this call came seven seven days. After the trump administration had decided to withhold aid to Ukraine from the White House released. Transcript of the call which may have been altered and it shows trump essentially extorting Zielinski. Trump is in effect trying to collude with Ukraine in the twenty twenty election. He Asks Alinsky to to work with Rudy Giuliani his personal lawyer and attorney. General are to investigate former vice president. Joe Biden trump was offering offering a foreign country the resources of the US Justice Department to investigate his potential twenty twenty opponent in suggesting that this investigation Shen was a precondition for the US Ukraine cooperation. That Zilenski desperately sought trumps started out the call by telling Zielinski that the US has provided a lot of support for Ukraine and that he's worried that the relationship is quote. Reciprocal he actually used the word reciprocal. In case anyone had any doubts. About the fact that this was clearly going to be a quid pro quo conversation. The president of the United States is acting like a mob boss Angry that a woman like you would be not just dismissed but humiliated and attacked by the president of the United States. The lifetime of service and sacrifice an excellent might be ignored by the president of the United States worse yet attacked in language that would embarrass a mob boss. What those notes reflect is a classic mafia-like shakedown before leader? That sounds more like I made an offer. They couldn't refuse much more extortion. Then Quinn pre. It wasn't a deal. It was a threat and it was a mob. SHAKEDOWN trump. Says I will say that. We do a lot for Ukraine. We spent a lot of effort in a Lotta time much more than the European countries are doing and they should be helping you more than they are. The United States has been very very good to Ukraine. I wouldn't say that it's reciprocal necessarily because things are happening thing. That are not good. But the United States has been very very good to Ukraine split Zielinski Gi then think trump and said that Ukraine would like to buy more weapons from the United States but trump responds. I would like you to do us a favor favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation. With Ukraine. They say crowd strike. I guess you have one of your wealthy people. The server they say Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things things that went on the whole situation. I think you're surrounding yourself with some of the same people. I would like to have the attorney general. Call you or your people people and I'd like you to get to the bottom of it as you saw yesterday. That whole nonsense ended with a very poor performance by a man named Robert Mueller an incompetent performance. But they say a lot of it started with Ukraine. Whatever you can do? It's very important that you do it if that's possible now. The Price H.. For the license is less than twenty thousand dollars. That's right now. Why would I consider paying more than that? Because I didn't squeezed you. Let's break this down for second. Trump is effectively accusing Ukraine of interfering in the twenty sixteen election against him. He also seems to say it's a little confusing. Because of the ellipse that are in the transcript. Meaning we're not quite sure. Sure exactly what he said. Here that quote one of your wealthy people which may be a reference to the main oligarch backer Zielinski who is actually under investigation in the US. By the Department of Justice so trump seems to be saying I could make your life very difficult Zielinski and so whatever you can do. Trump concludes includes his comments. It's very important that you do it and quote and I south. I said Nice House. You live there little girls. Having a birthday hunts this family yes it is and to take care seat and nothing happens So alinsky now on this call has to dance. He doesn't want to get in the middle of interfering in American politics but trump is basically accusing accusing Ukraine of which Dolinsky is now in charge of of interfering in the two thousand sixteen election and in this has been overlooked saying that Zielinski is surrounding himself himself with quote unquote the same people in other words. Trump is saying. You're kind of looking like my enemy like my adversary pacifist Santino. Tina Gao Yu wrong fingers sunny for the budget. You play with my sister you think they could fool the Cardi on my comment. I swear kids Lewinsky is now on the back foot and he says he is quote ready to open a new page cooperation in relations between the United States and and Ukraine so he said sure he will meet with Rudy and quote. I just want to assure you once again that you have nobody but friends around us. I also want to tell you that that we are friends. I guarantee as president of Ukraine the all the investigations will be done openly and candidly that I can assure you keep saying. Don't worry dude we're cool. We're friends I'm not your enemy but Dolinsky response is also sort of a non-answer ya'll gal with rudy and I WANNA be friends isn't the same thing as yes definitely. I'm going to look into this and start an investigation into your political opponents. So trump isn't finished he. He drives home the point quote. Good because I heard you how to prosecutor who is very good in. He was shut down. And that's really unfair are a lot of people are talking about that the way they shut your very good prosecutor down and you had some very bad people involved only. Don't tell me you because it sells intelligence. Xp Very angry trump's now referring to the Prosecutor General Lute Sankoh who we talked talked about in the last episode who was playing ball with Rudy Giuliani. Who is giving interviews to John Solomon and has? We'll talk about to the New York Times saying that he's going to investigate instigate Joe Biden trump. Then pivots back to what he wants. Quote Mr Giuliani is a highly respected ban. I will ask him to call you along with their attorney. Attorney General Rudy. Very much knows what's happening. And he's a very capable guy. If you could speak to him that would be great. There's a lot of talk about Biden son and that Biden stopped the prosecution in a lot of people. WanNa find out about that so whatever you can do. With attorney general would be great Biden went around bragging that he stop the prosecution so if you can look into it it sounds horrible to me. So let's remember who Giuliani is. He's trump's personal lawyer hired it to defend trump around the more investigation. I know almost every big liar. New York who the hell are you special practice. I handled one client. Trump is saying his alinsky. You really need to meet with my personal lawyer and this is also often been lost the US Attorney General General to investigate Biden in his son his political opponent in so Zielinski agrees. He says I get it. He says his new prosecutor general quote quote will look into the situation specifically to the company that you mentioned in this issue the issue of the investigation of the case is actually the issue of making sure to restore honesty so we work on the investigation of the case. Zilenski says in other words Zielinski assaying. Yes the extortion is working. But trump doesn't don't want there to be any confusion about what Zielinski needs to do and he says quote. I will have Mr.

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