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It's the word weird with you. Live in foggia. Oh anyway mary. Industry was was so high. That the whole your home city was filled with a black smog. That lasted for like. I think it was a month or something. People were dying. It was a whole mask culture. Like everyone was like wearing masks and everyone was like the math. Don't do shit like it was like a precursor to these times it would be. Who cares you already of your films. You're watching you're watching lasted because you like it. You don't need to watch the crown. But it's worth a google as i've seem when episode and it was very good will welcome to my life because why don't i wanna watch it more. Every time i watch it. I go one. What the fuck is the budget of this. Show a great. What the fuck is the budget of this. Show all of the netflix subscribers. A paying for that show that and stranger things and then everything else is a green screen. And i don't understand not really but like compared to now it might as well be just looked so good. Yeah and stranger. Things looks really good too And are other ones but like some shows not not as good. So what is the budget and also how the fucker they doing. This every episode is like a perfect one hour movie cinematic it has all these themes and at the end. The acting is superb and end. It's true everything you google is true. Winston churchill burned portrait. Someone painted of him. Give it a go. it's true and they have a photo of it and it was fucking good and vein or whatever you watch the episode you tell me and then when val goes you wanna watch the crown. I'm like no every time. It's the same thing though. I'm going to throw this to you. What is it like you for me. It's reading every time i sit down and read. I love it Rewarding wonderful bath. A good soak. Maybe i'm reading in the all of these things. That i know i love. I don't do hike. Yeah great you look like you do some more hiking than me though. Hey hey i'm not. I know. I know you know what i like. The fucking c. C. again the way smiles and he's freezing. You never regret getting in it. But it's a fucking the crown the crown when you're when you're come when you bought your gets in the water that's much well because your balls are like look at your scrotum is doing and i know you feel it for everyone.

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