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He doesn't think internet providers will make changes immediately i think most broadband providers realize that that could backfire against them it's kind of an not an ideal time for them to do something like that you have midterm elections coming up you have the state of california considering their own state legislation for net neutrality washington state has already enacted net neutrality legislation so i think the last thing they'd wanna do something dramatic that would anger consumers and cause a whole bunch of states to enact their own that neutrality rules however internet providers could begin charging more for services such as high resolution four k video mayor tom tate of anaheim one of the many local leaders who took part in the conference of mayors in boston and he tells knx he's going to be studying an app he learned about at that meeting as a way of tackling the housing crisis it brings together people with empty rooms in their houses and those who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads wipe your senior and maybe you're a widow or widower in your living and i have to go house by yourself and your only your kids have moved another state or something meanwhile we also have this housing crisis and then might be a single mother of two who's working very hard and having trouble making ends meet can't afford rent a republican says the nonpartisan meeting also looked at boosting infrastructure spending on roads and bridges and ways the latest technology to help cities serve their populations a silicon valley startup is hoping to give the big guys like google nissan a run for their money when it comes to thomas cars cbs news correspondent kris van cleave took a ride with phantom auto remarked on your vehicle remotely then shook men are remote driver is a few miles away in silicon valley office were doing california's one of at least five states allowing self driving cars to be on the road without a safety driver if they have a system in place for a human to take over remotely d'amoto doesn't build self driving cars but they're hoping their technology can come to the rescue of.

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