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And talent on loan from God. This is Bob in Coronado, California. Welcome, sir. I'm glad you were patient and waited. Hi, thank you rush. My comments sort of pertains to the October surprise and ask your opinion next next Friday is the so-called advance freed on the GDP for the third quarter, which I believe is less data driven and the two revisions that follow it. And my question is. Can you see the deep state dropping in a low GDP number and then piling on immediately with its the tariffs? It's the tax cuts failing. It's the sugar high economy is spent and this is what really is happening with all the Trump economics. And it's starting to starting to break up conveniently seven days before you'll election. Well, these numbers would come from the department of labor. Bureau labor statistics. And the US council of economic advisors. These are Trump people in there now, you're right. To be wary of career left wing deep staters in there. I look I wouldn't put anything past these people you can conjure up any scenario you wanted. And I I would bet eight out of ten up. My would tell you. I think are possible. So given who these people are given what they think is at stake here. So if you wanna tell me, if you have an idea that the GDP numbers that come out next Friday might be say monkey with, but it's increasingly tough to use that word and get away with it might have been Jimmy a might be. Well, reworked and so forth to make it look like we're about to fall off the clipper. At least this recovery is just hit a wall. I don't know how effective it would be. But I don't I wouldn't I wouldn't sit here and utilize release suggest to you that it couldn't it couldn't happen. And particularly the areas you mentioned they would love to be able to discredit Trump's tax cuts. They would love to be able. Two. Discredit a whole bunch of like the tariffs and what it's doing trae. The problem is reality the reality on the ground. If the if the if the numbers are. Are ringed to that extent. It just isn't going to jive with reality. And it's it's it wouldn't be. I don't think nearly as effective if something is personal. But I think you have to you have to look at the history of these October surprises. They've tried October surprise in October. They've tried them in September. They've thrown everything they've got at Trump, including during the campaign, the access Hollywood video and that didn't work. Now, he's out there calling the porn star. Who by the way is a backstabbing blackmailing double crossing porn star out there calling her horseface, and there are shutters in the drive-by media FUD who. President who who who doesn't you know what I find interesting about this all of these so called paragon of virtue on the left where one ten perversion has become normal in their world. And they demand that we accept wanton perversion as normal. They sit there and act like. Women austin? But we're not talking about woman. We're talking about a dual. What porn star? Double crossing. Backstabbing? Woman who has tried to destroy the guy with her third rate lawyer, she's not just an innocent ordinary everyday woman that Trump decided to call a name. She is a woman who attempted to ruin him. But for these Liberal Democrats these people in the media to act like people, don't talk presidents dot com on people talk this way. This is what resent what I resent about this the idea that they are clean and pure is the wind driven snow, and they don't think this way. They don't talk this way. What an absolute crock simply look at the things they say about us during the course of your average political day from your Hitler to your Nazis to your this or that they make fun of people's appearances. They make fun of people. I mean, they're they're comedy has become literal hate. And then they act like one of the greatest social transgressions in the history of humanity has occurred when Donald Trump uses the term horseface or when he did not Mark ballsy Ford, but simply re freidan. The truth about her allegations. I just I just find it just a little bit hollow. As though take your pick, take it. Take your pick any left-winger on media. Griping about Trump's using the word horseface and ask yourself if that media reporter never talk that way and the answer, but rush these people aren't president. And he is and this is beneath the dignity of the presidency. Well, I know they look at it. And think of it that way my point is they can try all day long. That's not going to separate Trump from his voters as some of his voters. Shut up back. There's so much going on here. Focus, and they don't need to distract everybody with that stuff. But he did they're also gonna they're not gonna give up trying to link Donald Trump to the murder of the. Of the journalist in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Jamal kashogi. They're still working on that. But I think they're frustrated to know him that nothing they do works. And now, I have a story I have to print I haven't had a chance to print it. Yep. Just cleared the transom here. It's about Trump's approval numbers are probably much better and much higher than anybody on the left and the media wants to admit..

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