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And I was proud of myself, I pick the right guy. He had good April, you've got saves let me save how have in may two and none of it was his full. That's the thing like, right? You can say, oh, you had a bad month. He was clerk Jordan Hicks. No wasn't. How did nothing wrong? And AirAsia wasn't awful. They weren't like Detroit or Baltimore for the month, but he he has one save since may third. No other diamondback now in his defense. The bridge has been dreadful. Archie Bradley has been mess, and that has contributed. You know what my point is? My is look at it this way. I think that in Holland's case you turned a profit on them or at least you're very close to also wasted the last three weeks, one save last week's. But you knew that this wasn't something, you could take six months. I mean you didn't know there was no way I was a lot more optimistic than you. And I feel that I'm right because Greg Holland still is pitching really well to doubts and five. Past six outings. He hasn't allowed to run since may ninth he's doing his job, but they're not giving him safe chances. The chances you'll get the six months of this though. Any level of productivity are very slim with him. I disagree with you. I do it for three years in a row three, always giving you half a year of very good production, and the rest of terribly Fernando Rodney, who's now going to be on. Washington's bullpen probably got bought in tout NL and for good like a decent chunk of fab. I didn't look to see if he went in the labor and L I didn't have any moves to make their I had to actively Tyler Beatty is facing the Mets, I wanna believe you. You've seen them. There's, there's something something there. But yeah, it's going to be like, no, I was going to say like the giants are gonna win much, but it's a good ballpark. So he's not like a Baltimore Detroit pitcher. But I was either that or leave an absent Cal Cointreau active. I didn't get anybody I bid on, I still have a shot in both those leagues. I've blown a huge lead labor at an eighteen point lead. And then I fell out of first over the weekend. It's crazy. Our still I how fast things move there. And then Intel four or five teams that are all right there at the top, maybe I'll plummet after the straight. All right. Let's get some answers, you have such confidence in yourself. Eric Niccolo like. Like book standings change in these extra mouth, of course. Regular leagues too. I know that this four more months ago thought that I'm not confident. I just think I'm gonna finish second like to in every expert league this second places in that bed. Nikola says a question from Twitter, he wants to know with d- coming back who is his cut? He's got a mud resort or Scott Kingery. I'm not sure either have to be rostered, but I would probably Kingery. I, I do king required a bit. I think. He's going to be in the platoon with Jay Bruce essentially like they're gonna play Bruce and left field and Kingery center against lefties. And Michael Francke was really close to just losing his job. Overall and Kingery could play third. The problem here is gave capitals, one of his players still basis. So if Kingery was on almost any other team, I think he'd be stealing twenty bases on this team. Nobody is streams occur is not stealing fifteen basis on this team. Sorry, so resort. It was really rawal. He's really replaceable. He's nothing special but he's gonna steal more basis than Kingery and play more. So I guess I keep him around Phillies by the way are not in last place in stolen base. What do they have like twelve on the seventeen stolen bases? On the year. They are the only ones behind them. Are Toronto is fourteen and the cubs have thirteen but by the way, the Phillies K I you know, I thought their percentage success rate would be above league average..

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