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Disco biscuit With your job i mean. Is this where things are going. That is totally brave. New world To to to an absolute ti okay. So that's kind of scary but you know what's the bottom line on this to get back safely. Does the vaccine or the job does it prevent you from according to the official bodies from getting covert or spreading. Covet note really. So what's the point especially if you're young and you're not even at risk of even getting a cough from kovic. Nineteen i mean. Is that my pointing out the obvious here and in my in my overstepping my scientific Bona fetus mike. Well if you are. I'm sure full fact will will be straight on the kiss. Let's get fact checker. Yes right where does that. Take picture to mike. It takes us to the psychological warfare that is being waged in a brian. Garish spoke about this In the doctors for covert ethics Seminar the panel discussion ability. That was on the second day. Yes you can watch those videos up at the uk. Column dot org. If you haven't already we encourage you to do that. So mrs psychological warfare that involves Heavy heavy load of applied behavioral psychology. And this brings us to a quote by None other than well a famous psychologist. You could say thanks to new dawn magazine. Who tweeted this out this morning here. The deliberately induced psychotic state Which is certain. Unstable individuals might easily Lead to real psychosis is endanger. That needs to be taken very seriously. Indeed these things are really really are dangerous and ought not to be meddled with in our typical western way. That's carl young okay. So he knew anything about Psychology and mine manipulation here which leads us very nicely to this story which some people might have missed. This is from the conversation surprising article from this publication. who's been more or less on board with the pandemic narrative. Look at this headline why freedom day. There's boards johnson. Why freedom day is the latest example of covert propaganda. This is fairly mainstream publication. here mike. Let's take a look at what's actually being said here. Here's the author colin alexander. He is a lecturer in political. Communications at nottingham. Trent university said the lifting of most cove legal restrictions on july nineteenth has been dubbed freedom. Day by some politicians and journalists but he goes on though not an official designation this popularization of this moment with such a saying closely follows two of my ten golden rules of propaganda. I appeal to the instincts rather than the reason of the audience. Very important and second to build around a slogan. That sounds familiar. Doesn't mike and then repeat repeat repeat and then keep repeating okay so that is one of his guys what. He's teaching his students in political a science here so back to boris johnson. So you know. Based on this mike we're going to have to give him the gurgles Rosette and Noticed the difference in hairstyles there Boys will hopefully one day sort of gopher that smart. Look what do you think to know is ever going to happen. So anyway you get the gurgles rosette for freedom day and it's funny. How freedom days when they drifted out the vaccine passport. Mike and speaking of propaganda This is something everybody needs to watch this interview here. With dr piers robinson who's been on the uk colin program anytime cove in nineteen is a global propaganda operation. Look at these posters. They remind you second first. World war propaganda doesn't it. Those are real cove. Nineteen government issued propaganda posters and stuff. That's come out from the medical industrial complex in different countries. Look at that. It's just unbelievable and so this is a great interview. I think mike this is about forty five minutes long really into depth and of course appears robinson is probably one of the best. Most people really to talk on this subject. Maybe one of the best in the world. I would say a co director of the organization for propaganda studies as a number of Textbooks to his name on the subject that are widely read in academia and so forth and so he really talks about the spy. Be documents here. Goes into depth on the. Uk's government advertising propaganda campaign. This was used to sort of frightened terrorized the population. So that's something. I would encourage people to go watch. Just asia asia pacific today. This independent news outlet based in australia. That did this interview In they're doing really really good work at asia pacific today. Okay now sticking with twenty century for a second The headline here is german. Pathologist fatal consequences. Vaccinations underestimated this. Is dr peter Schumacher and peter scher macher. He's the chairman of the germans decided pathologies director of the institute of pathology at heidelberg university. Hospital he's president of the german association for the study of the liver. His research interests include molecular and more bad morphological digestive system carcinogenesis specially of the liver on the pancreas. And he's so well. So he is a qualified person pathologist And he's well you describe it at. Your pace is ascending. The alarm on fiddle vaccine injuries after performing over forty autopsies people who died within two weeks of receiving their kobe shot He wants to get to the bottom of rare side effects knife. You wanna get a little bit more on. It's also in german newspapers. German of courses developed. So we'll just do a quick translation of this heidelberg chief pathologist coals for autopsies of Vaccinated people what The one of the german newspaper said that shoe schumacher ships at thirty two. I think isn't quite right to think. Probably estimates is a better translation of that that thirty to forty percent of people died from the vaccination and his opinion This is the people that he autopsied. the his opinion the frequency of fiddle consequences of vaccinations underestimated a politically explosive statement. In times of vaccination campaign is losing momentum the delta very into spreading rapidly and restrictions on non-vaccinated people are being discussed but naturally he got attacked for this. Yeah he did so anybody that Puts their head above the parapet on this issue is is going to be targeted by the establishment. But the that number. Let's say thirty to forty percent of people who die after receiving their cove in nineteen. Unlicensed experimental injections or vaccines are called by the by the officials. Thirty to forty percent. So if that's a sample. And if that's accurate mike if we extrapolated that to You know the total number of people who received the vaccination and then we take that data and we compare it to what we're seeing on fares website in terms of adverse reactions and deaths the yellowcard website in the uk and vigilance in the eu. And looking at those numbers. I would say mike if this if this is even. Let's say more conservative. let's say fifteen or twenty percent. I'll even half the doctor's findings here from germany. We extrapolate that and compare that to all the various data from the different countries. It's massively under.

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