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Ginny as how do i deal with discouragment yards a big question now i would say can i'm curious on your thoughts find what motivates you so what is your why what gets you fired up it can be something as deep as man the people that i'm serving matter and that one person that was means me doesn't represent the whole audience i'm in a refocus on my why and this group of people and so on or it may be something as silly as light but on some good music i know it sounds crazy but when any to claim a house and i am discouraged about the state mild i'll just put owns them taylor swift unlike blast at me like okay i can handle these dishes i know it sounds crazy but it may depend on the situation as to what you need to get you out of it so um figuring out what motivates you what gets you excited what's your why what are some things that put you in a good mood sometimes it's just a conversation with a friend you know that can get you encourage had them speak life into you obviously i love to read scripture whatever it is for you finding something that will give you that boost you need because we all get discouraged it's totally normal you just need to know what can help bring you out of it yeah i would just add that you tony robbins talks about changing your state this is a psychological treatment that actually works very simply could do with a physical move or as you said the music all that works but again i would get behind the discouragment what are you discouraged about an usually boils down this and this is one of the two human knees we all struggle with are we loved and do we have what it takes an in the discouragment in business a lot of times comes down to people beginning to doubt if they have what it takes based on a failure and insecurity or just simply having some confusion many times when you're looking at a crossroads a decision we gotta make in your business and.

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