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Matt a brand new views darts alive crichton now mandate march madness as outraged house. Republicans storm the senate in a protest march against mask requirements. The president spars with the media about his promise that vaccines would free us from covering up. Burn so will. We have to manage our expectations about ever getting back to life as we knew it. Plus molly ringwald is live to talk about starring with the next generation of teen stars in the rom com that kissing booth. Three comedy superstar whitney cummings on how she's reaching out to fans and joy is getting the last word on summer reads in the final chapter of the ladies. Get leads here. Come hot topics with whoopi. Sarah haynes joy behar sunny hostile megan mccain and ana navarro. Now let's get things started. Hello and welcome to the view here. We are another friday. And everyone's wanting to get back to normal life. But the latest report. From the cdc has pushed that timeline back it found the delta variant is not only more deadly. It's spreads as easily as wait for it chickenpox. They're asking officials to keep pushing vaccines and reinstate mask mandates which is caused house republicans storm the senate in protests temper tantrums. Like that aren't going to get us out of this. So what's it going to take for people to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Anna i tell you when i saw that spectacle yesterday of all those house. Republicans storming the senate. I think i had seen that many clowns outside of a volkswagen and a circus a long long time. And it's doing nothing to help the progress of fighting coal that it's making no contribution and i think we all have to focus on that joy. I think i think we're going to have to have an all types of approach right. There's going to have incentives like the president announced yesterday and like some corporations and some states and cities are doing there. It's going to have to be some sticks. So there's going to be carrots and sticks. Things people are not going to be able to do. If they don't have proof of vaccine dying in places go to broadway do certain things. I don't think people should be able to go on planes. If they don't have proof of vaccination so we need to figure out ways to make to to have people feel some pain and we have to continue the outreach. And yesterday when i was watching the news i thought probably to me. The best messengers right now are not celebrities. Not politicians not preachers. You know what those patients that are in the hospital saying. I'm so angry with myself or not having been vaccinated. I thought this wasn't going to be a big deal. But here i am because what. We are learning what we have learned in this last month as that. Cove it and fighting. Kobe is an individual sport. It is a team sport. And even if we get a perfect ten if somebody doesn't show up if somebody doesn't score somebody doesn't get the vaccination we are all affected. We are all being held back and we are all being held hostage. And it is not fair to your grandson or sarah's children or grandchild or house grandchildren. We can't do this to our children. I would think the incentives should be the vaccine itself but elazig is not sunny. What did you think about house. Republicans are going on a field trip to the senate without masks yesterday. Well you know. I am not surprised because when you look at the numbers joy. I mean house. Republicans fifty four percent of them are unvaccinated compared to a hundred percent of democratic members of the house..

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