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But they've got some kind of group of Jonathan Abram Taylor rap, Darnell savage, want Thornhill, Deontay Thomson. Amani Hooker will be there. But he's more of a strong, safety my opinion. But you've got Abram, rap savage, Thornhill and Thomson that's five. Potential safeties that could be there in the second round. And I'm happy with any of them. And I think the fall off between garner Johnson say deonte Thomson, isn't that much and is much more narrow than the difference between reisner and a guy like mcgarry because you're talking about four very good tackles that went before I got to pick at number twenty eight all potential starters. I think reisner is the last of that group before you're talking about major project, even though risers the fifth Bex office of tackle. I think you gotta get ahead of the curve now and get your potential starter. Now before getting a the best safety, and then having to get a project that you know, may not even be better than Sam teddy in your one. And that's an issue because Sam teddy wasn't good last year. And the way I'm looking at it is I'm going with don't riser. I'm getting ahead of the curve. I'm grabbing my potential starting tackle the only one that's still left, and then I'm going to leave round two for safety or an interior defensive linemen. And i've. Got a chance to get some towns of guys like want Thornhill or Danny Thompson, Darnell savage. I'm happy with any of those guys. I think that's a great pick in the second round. If I can get one of those three and then in the interior defense of linemen the fall off between Dexter Lawrence and the next group like Renault, Ren, Kaelin Saunders tristen hill. Not that far off. I think what you're looking at is. If you go reisner here, you then pick the best of that three one Thornhill Deontay Thompson, Darnall savage, right? Let's let's pretend it's want on hill. So you've got reisner you've got Thornhill or the Thompson..

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