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Will receive no jail time and minimal probation and supervision. He is said to be considering his decision and his family on vacation on board a cruiseliner when the tragedy occurred chloe's parents Allen and kimberly wagon or standing by and Nello they blame the Cruise Company for creating an unsafe condition which led to an unforeseen tragedy according to the wagons all the other windows in the area where the accident happened were closed. And there was a safety bannister near them. When chloe asked her grandfather to pick her up and razor to the windows' does he did not realize that the window was open and believed the banister would carry her weight instead? She fell out of his grasp last Wednesday. Alan Kimberly wagon announce they are suing Royal Caribbean claiming the company breached industry safety standards by having windows on board. That could be opened by anyone without warning. Notices the wagons did not specify a damage amount lawyer. Michael Winkelmann told the Daily Mail. Last week quote doc. One of the hardest things in my job is to put a figure on grief. And how could you possibly do that in the death of a child. Royal Carribean responded that they have not received any such suit. That's it for today. We'll see you tomorrow and until then and stay safe. The sword and scale daily is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Williams in research and writing by Hagar Barack executive producer. Mike Food if you'd like to show subscribing leave us a review if you'd like to write us with feedback back suggestions. Use the email address daily at sword and scale DOT COM.

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