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Enough me laugh to your time and So how would you describe the podcast and who the other guests who got coming up. Oh gosh lots of them Jay rayner tom allen. I'm tom d back. He's a nice boy. You like anton debate. I do very much. Jeremy vine yogurt sal. Yep reverend kate bodily i she was she was hysterical and say lots of lots more people that are kind of coming along time time. Ganz what sort of questions ask. Because i can. I'll can well. I cannot be held responsible for the questions. The questions largely submitted by people on twitter. Who we know that somebody coming up there invited to to offer questions in my life. I kind of scheme know that people would want to know the answer to the really big questions in life you know what lifelock after corona virus calico on hostile hospital. Can i go on holiday to ten arief. no it's you know. Can you put butter on sandwiches wrong. What goes on skins or other scones. Firdous jamal cream. They apparently unfortu- favorite cheese. She comes up a lot. Dairy conduct the country s with dairy products. What is your favorite cheese jacki. Weaver have to to be honest. I like smoked cheddar. Okay good particularly on pizza. Controversial and audibly chains. Okay i mean that's the blue cheese is a big area say blue cheese a slight thing my favorite cheese cheese well in which case to be an danish bloop. Okay yeah let's not sakina on the still still cheese. I like blue cheese. And i don't like stolen very much. Yeah i'm glad that just comes along with christmas at christmas but i don't like it. I like the french ones really with the blue cheese fig. I say it's already interesting. I was asked about tyrod cope with this. I was to meet aliens and alien invasions and things like that. So there's there's it's quite a broad reach. And how is this gonna do this every single week. Is this going to go on for project per time or is this going to be. I think i will have to give up roundabout seventy nine twenty seventy-nine well you know you could. I as i demonstrate that this is oh hello see husband in the background. Hello this is not quite as good as a child. Coming in and dancing nevarez quite exciting. See your husband he dances. It'd be fun. I'm down get a viral moment with you. That would be actually perfect price. Both i've got about five hundred of these jackie's while i'm saying interational or another so you you can. You can keep going forever. you can have people back. You can have new people all the time. So it's you know it's an it's an endless aso's it's too early. They've literally as we're recording. This the first ones have gone up today. So it's too early to to you to know whether it's whether it's getting big numbers or not whether it's drawer again. Huge amounts of money. But i guess there's two different things there although the be slight overlap one is. There's absolutely no point doing something that nobody's enjoying. You gotta get something out of actually bundy it quite interesting one because somebody sets the other day that not quite so blunt as you must be rolling in it but actually more than ninety five percent of what i do. I don't get paid for through. How much because. I'm too simple to ask but at the same time i kind of think. That's not really the key..

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