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I'm telling you. Other people who wrote in and said the who's and wins and wise and Watson House of where they watched the show, lots of you wrote in. Thank you so much. KM 747 listens to us in the gym. Jim Bros don't know I'm educating myself on all things queer. I love that. Okay, so I'm gonna do some inspirational come on cams happen for 7. You couldn't do it. One more push. Hopefully that was inspirational. Rambo as well says they listen in the gym or on lunch break. Mark listens in Manchester, hello, Manchester, God I love it up there. Emma says, she listens when she's at home doing the housework. I like doing a bit of housewife to podcasts actually. I realized I'm sort of actually someone who needs to be doing two things at once. I can't really do one thing at a time. Not hidden, obviously, says putting on my slap every Friday morning before work in urbane New Zealand. Hello, New Zealand, and hello slap. I love that. Riding is my life says at work in Canada. If I go into my office, you are my commute says Herbie. Tears from chili, I've been listening for four years. Thanks and congrats on the big 5. Love you for that tier. P burn shower car walks chores, interesting, good selection there. I like it. I like listening to podcasts on a walk, but the thing is I'm always then just shouting Ridley to the dog because he's running off. Will dio says always when walking my dog's Eddie and Kimi on the aisle and on the isle of islay, where's the isle of islay gen? That's from jet. Jen, we can't have a conversation about the dog's Eddie and Kimi and not be sent a photo. Please, God send in a picture of those dogs. I will share it with everybody, so we all get to see dogs. Tia goodson, it's been listing in our Kansas. Hello there, goodson. TA goodson, I think that is Cindy, sitting in my comfy old yellow chair with a nice cup of oh my God. The anything better than sitting having a cup of tea and listening to something lovely. Anyway, I could go on. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful, wonderful, it's so nice to visualize where you are all art. And anyone is in the gym, get back on it. I want another set and I don't want 12. I want 14 reps. You hear me? Exercised, by the way. It never gets any easier, does it? It's just really hard. But you feel good. It sorts my brain out. That's why I did it. Speaking of good mental health, should we talk to Ryan O'Connell? You're going to meet howling with laughter. You're going to love him. Here's my chat with Ryan. Say no more. What time really pleased about is the fact that we're both wearing a lovely shade of yellow slash mustard, would you say? Yeah, I think so. Mine is like a darker, what's like a Charlie Brown moment of whatever. And where is this from this beautiful purchase? It's from dreams. I love it. Very glamorous. I don't fuck

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