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Right track and we'll why quinnell if it does i know people around the nfl though but had to play against the panthers last few years they are their lobbying this decision they're hoping carolina goes through with that because they don't believe kim you is that type of quarterback he's a power thrower he's not a pre he's not tom brady top10 rothliseberger who played that transition into that kind of you'd be he's not a prestige in accuracy passer and if you're not that in your quickstrike path you've do doesn't work because you don't get the run after the catch ball scott white on point through these guy so i don't think it's gonna work with their ask you can do to do their carolina i think it's a mistake the asked you know uh but mike shula there coordinator ron rivera they know new better than i do and they're the ones the decision i'll be fascinated to see how it goes and even late mm qb you break down these teams play by play you've got to film i mean you you dissect players is there a quarterback in the nfl that we connor a whole home about that you look at and you get a different view after breaking down there their game james play by play um i t there's two one of them and and people are not whole home but andrew luck if if if you think he's anything less than a top tier first class superstar still yeah you're you're off you're wrong when you put on the film you see incredible quarterback you trace an extensive mine the guy that uses the full field take some chances and probably plays a little too aggressive at times given what he has around though he's not on and it's too retaliated often it does need to adjust at that there's noone in the nfl that has studied the lucky and think anything less of him now versus what they thought of him when he when he was the rising young qbe and belief free four years ago and into the guy to me wiz the rising young to be in the league and and i think we'll see it in a.

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