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One zero three three twenty one and all for Dirk a season-best Luca Danni to triple double the warriors run off their own floor by the Mavs, no Steph curry, but this was a one twenty six to ninety one whitewash Golden State drops out of the top seed in the Western Conference by a half game back Denver with curry resting Katy at twenty five DeMarcus cousins nineteen the warriors though, four thirty from three point range all of eight from beyond the arc. Klay Thompson missing all four of his tries on Fox Sports southwest Nevada. Sqi and Luca Danni. Papa goat and baby future. Go let's start with you dirty. Final game here at oracle you left with your season high. You put on something special forum. You know, honestly plays a great floor game for us. Early coming off run and rolls. I just found myself over to cover ties. Good rhythm saw kept soon. Phenomenal. Obviously team effort today. Offense felt like ever saw was going against chance. There were there were down a few men. You still have to come out and beat them. And I know you had family in the building tries a kind of special to have the performance you had in front of family. And then end is building. This is a famous building for you. First basket in this building. And so this is my last game in this building for sure whether it's for my career or but they're moving, obviously. So he's here. On a big heart. For us. Came in contributed saws, go celebrate with him all talk to Luke.

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