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Six players was what they had going into today. They've added two more. Spurs gar kelvin johnson and javale mcgee now team usa that replaces bradley beal and kevin love olympic. Play starts in nine days and somehow trae young. Tv's notice. i think everybody's not team. Usa hasn't made the move bring trae young women are these the right moves talking about johnson mcgee to make right now or you could tell me no move matters because they have durant learn. They're going to be fine. Yada yada yada. No i like these moves for two reasons number. One sizes. Been a factor. We saw that against jerry and we certainly saw against australia. You've been number two non-stars who can adjust to the fiba level of refereeing i think. That's a real factor here. These dudes are here to play. And they're not just here score buckets. I really like the mcgee addition. I'm not just saying that. Because the guy's a former wizard who i used to love. This guy brings an element of grit to the game. That i think this team needs. And i absolutely think that that's a smart move for short so what you said there. You acknowledge trae young there. But you said guys out there to get buckets. You don't think trae young fits team usa. I didn't say that young absolutely fits on team. Usa but what does team needs right now to fit the problems that have come as a result of these specific losses. So far particularly in the exhibitions. That's i would really love to see trae young on this olympic team especially given how electric he's been this year. It's also good that team because we might get some international olympic. Means out of this him doing something at the international stage that is worthy of internet viral. Moment that's what. I'm personally most looking forward to jail on this but clinton's right this team needs size and jamila definitely provides that israel. Here's the team that lost to exhibition games this week after losing to exhibition games. What in the last sixteen years. I think it was and move is killed in johnson. The moves developed mcgee and trae young. Just sitting there after one of the greatest postseason full-time are they making the right moves here. you team. Usa doesn't need anything other than practice. Time right it doesn't mean it's not like the rest of the world is saying well really lacking talent now. The bradley beal's out there. No calvin johnson play. Okay javale mcgee will probably play some and frankly it's the type of big that they utilize their right because it's a guy that hey if they switch you just give him the ball down low and he will overconfident jail. Mcgee go down there and try to put up a layup. And that's basically what the international team do the. Us allow time. So that's fine. I do think that a little bit of size but in terms of talent they have enough talent so yes would trae young have been a good look on. This team would have been from the very beginning but adding him now probably seems a little awkward. He hasn't played says he wants to play. I never understood this. We need brook. Lopez has been linked to this team. Now as well so would write the report today that is considering brook lopez. Along with of course middleton's coming and Who else devon booker is coming from the nba. Finals they're concerned lopez. Because he's already in game shape and i thought to myself and i'll bring you in your sarah. Do we need guys are absolutely in game shape. At this moment. We need the best players. It's a little of both. I mean there's players that are out of the country there's players that are in the middle of a rehab that they can't interrupt an along for multi week situation that they were planning on playing at the international level. I think it's a little more complicated than just javale. Mcgee and calvin johnson are the best guys. Let johnson's been training with this team. Every day. he's familiar with the coach and the team. So even if he doesn't play that much he's a great guy to have in the huddle and working with them throughout the tournament. Chevelle mcgee gets a lot of flack. But he's a three time champion also cool stories. Mom pamela was a gold medal with the us women's team in nineteen eighty-four. Kind of love. That story line. i just think we needed size. And we need a defense and it's not as simple as just saying go grab another great player. It's what is this team shown you in these friendlies and losing these friendly that they need and it's not another sharp shooting guard less word. yeah. I agree with sarah again. It would be nice to have trae young a guy that can just overcome the lack of practice time. Because he is that type of transcendent tally. Yes but again. Do we actually need that. No i'd say no. And given that they don't know the answers to what you know. Trae young tech. Didn't say thomas said of but that's right. Young really is in game shape. We don't really know this so again..

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