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Oh, good. And at this point, Stephen young, a thirty five year old insurance broker was on trial. So the murder has already happened. He's on trial for the death of Harry Nicolo fuller who had been found dead on the floor of their home a year. Earlier Nicola had been shot three times in Harry was shot in the back at close range. So there's this brutal murder that this guy. Steven young is on trial for the jury hears the case. And then they go to the hotel where they're staying and as. The other slept four of the jurors group together around a homemade ouija board that they had made from a piece of paper and a hotel room wine glass. This is literally us on torture and like talk to lately it is. I was like. Oh, getting tips. A little more fucked up because they decided to try and contact the murder the souls of the murdered victims. Oh that had been shot before. Gotcha. So wonder named Ray took charge of addressing the spirit and dented itself as Harry fuller, the men who had been shot right asked who killed you. And the glass built out Stephen young done it specific he said Facebook how well the guys on trial Stephen O M, it's ninety four. Well, so I guess it's going to work. So that, but I mean, Steve Young's literally the one that they're on the jury for. Yeah. Right. So they said the glass said Stephen young done it. And then Ray said how and the glass build shot. So the jersey what do we do what we do and the glass apparently spilled out vote guilty tomorrow. So by the end of the say on some of the jurors were crying if you were like shit. We like really went too far this is inappropriate. And then what they ended up doing was. Going to their rooms and agreeing not to tell anybody else, including the other jurors what they had done, but a few weeks later, a headline emerged in international papers across the world that read murder juries ouija board verdict and people were fucking furious. Sounds like implanted her refine just chose to tell everyone that wait. What do you mean? Like, it's I would imagine like someone using ouija board like just spelt that out just hoping other people be freaked out. Yeah. I mean, I think people were pissed like why are they using a we this isn't a joke. Let's fair. But my first one is like, oh, it's it's a trap. I don't know. I mean, the guy was guilty. Any like, I don't think there was really a question. Whether he had. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don't know. I don't know people were just pissed because it's like this was one of the most high profile trials like. And then these jurors like make it kinda tabloid headline. I don't know. So the case ended up being one of the most high profile examples of juror misbehavior in the world would really interesting about like juror misbehavior, which apparently is like very common like one time. They found out during a high profile trial half the jurors were playing Sadako like they'd all shared like their Sedova who book, and we're all like doing Sadako while goes talking about like what he's murder something like people, I don't know apparently shit goes down with these Dury's. And actually this jury that used the ouija board was already the second jury because the first set had been replaced because they had been played a tape of the emergency call that Nicola fuller had made between being shot like she got shot. And then she called nine one one. And they played that tape, and it's like deeply gruesome upsetting. And I guess they the jury only lasted one day before one of them was like I can't do this anymore. So they already had to like, basically retrial the whole thing. So the judge asked for an entire new jury after that and the problem with juror misbehavior, apparently it's really harmful and costly especially with like a high profile traumatic case like this one because you have to do a whole retrial. So that puts everyone, including the judge the staff the accused witnesses jurors like the families through like they've just have to start the entire process over again..

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