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There every every game but I do have fight you know murdered someone like me and you know he's right right next to me you know he supports me and he works with me in the team and yeah I would have never gotten this far without him the words of Michael Jordan basketball hall of fame with the sit down he had with robin Roberts of Good Morning America early on this Thursday he's in fits Simmons on Freddie Coleman on Freddie and fitz Simmons and ESPN radio you can win what you heard from Michael Jordan at eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six in about five minutes ago you used the word iconic when it comes to Michael Jordan there's no doubt about that I'm not saying he's trying to reclaim its icon status that's never going to go away but with the last dance debuting at nine o'clock on Sunday first with ten part series Michael doing having a sit down that he never ever does with anybody it feels like he is letting people know especially new generation they get a chance to hear and see the fuss that we saw when he was just ruling not just the NBA world but the sports world becoming a worldwide icon and do disagree claiming that thrown in my opinion with the sit down today and also the last dance debuting on Sunday drove it right there it's a generation and he's heard all the talk you know especially after Kobe's passing and then lebron James and there's a whole generation is Gen Z. right that is really it has never seen anything about Michael Jordan and it in his mind all right give me complete control I get to choose the content you all produce it piece it together let's show what I was exactly due to aids so Michael Jordan right like all right for those of you who are too young weren't born right and nineties it we're coming up on twenty twenty now hi pumpkin this is what I did and it's I can listen to that I mean I would have stopped right there I'm like well I don't know what that movie would but Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt right there the vampire movie I can't remember the name of it you know with a little girl to her her name Valladares what we have there she goes I want some more right yes I want more give me more well it's gonna listen to we just tell stories about his mom dad brother whatever what made them different and we all know that cut the rope mentality man and that's all the great ones and I can't wait road Sunday man nine PM eastern six Pacific last dance it's popcorn felt bothered because guess what it's going to be amazing and Michael Jordan is not different than any great entertainer any great athlete there is an ego to their madness there isn't you go to their games he's not any different anybody that has been great in any sport any great entertainer and he's letting people know in case offer got you all about the get a re education started because he was the last dance at nine o'clock eastern time on E. S. P. N. easy if it's M. as in Freddie Coleman thanks for joining us on Freddie and Fitzsimmons always hit us on Twitter the company has been and if the if it's ESPN the city of Las Vegas gave you this on Thursday but they wanted VS yesterday we'll get to that this next on ESPN radio.

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