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But if there's a drive, right? That Chelsea gray is going to force you into. She's going to drive to that nail. She's going to drive to that elbow area and force a collapse. If you're slow to contain that, if she gets by that primary defender, if you're slow to rotate to that, you're in trouble, right? Even if you're fast faster rotate it, you're still in trouble. You're in trouble because that first domino is going to dictate the rotation behind her, you know, that primary defender. That first action is going to dictate the rotation and I think that's going to be the challenge for Connecticut. And you move quickly enough with extended space on the offensive end that Las Vegas is going to bring you. Can you rotate quickly in that? And that's going to be a big challenge. And if they can do that, boy, this is going to be 5 game series. Yeah. I think they can, you know, you look at Seattle, they were able to do it to a certain extent. Actually, I thought Seattle kind of found a little bit of a rhythm like getting the ball to Kia stokes in the short rule. And that was successful. They just didn't collapse fast enough at the rim to force you to make a decision. So I think there is an opportunity there. And I think Connecticut, I don't know. I mean, because Seattle's defense is absolutely incredible. And I think this Connecticut defense has a lot of the things that that's the all defense did. They just don't have as good of guard defenders, which kind of worries me. Because all right, so I'm looking at the matchups from the second game, right? Yeah. All right, so here are the ones that are pretty okay. And we obviously have to change this now because hamby is probably not starting if I had to guess. But here are the matchups from the second game. So we had Kelsey plum with natisha Hyde and honor, okay? Gotcha. It's a good matchup. Wanna bonner on Jackie young? Good matchup. Interesting. Yeah, it's interesting matchup. I think they'll go up and down. Derek a handy was facing off with the list Thomas. So let's Thomas on Derek hamby and then John called Jones on Asia. Obviously with kiss stokes in there, I don't know what you want to do, I think I would say you want to keep John quell on Asia, especially after what she did to Kent sparker. Right. Asia is a different assignment, but I think getting John quill on your best on the best post player. Yeah. Is number one. I think Alyssa would do a great job on Kia stokes because she's not going to get posted. That's fine. But she's also going to provide a lot more she's going to create a lot more problems on the pick and roll if Vegas wants to bring her into the pick and roll. It makes a lot easier to defend if it's illicit Thomas there. Right. So that's great. Here's the problem. They had Courtney Williams and Chelsea gray. Not that anyone can guard Chelsea gray at the moment. If she's going to shoot the shots, she hit in the last series, a series of don't worry about it. Magical. But if she's coming back down to earth, she's going to cook Courtney Willens regardless and you're going to keep having her kill you. So I don't know what the solution is there because they just have one spot that is not a good matchup. And that's the worst spot to have that match up. So maybe you put hide in an honor, but then hide them as a little too small. I don't know. That's a tough one how they approach Chelsea gray. Yeah, grace, big guard. I mean, you know, 6 foot and she is bringing that ball down with some power and effectiveness. And as that, when you have that size at that position, not only are we talking about her ability to hit tough shots. But she can see over top of you. And make those incredible no look passes to her teammates, you know, in the space that we were already talking about. But I think, you know, you also have to flip it over on the other side and talk about how Vegas matches up with Connecticut and Vegas will throw a variety of defenses at you. They have a ton of schemes. They go some triangle and two. They do some boxing one diamond and one. They'll mix up some things for a couple of possessions, just to throw you off balance. So I wouldn't be surprised to see that in defensively from Las Vegas. Obviously, they've been doing it all year. This is not like a knee jerk finals adjustment. They've been doing this all season long and in the postseason as well. So I think that'll be something to watch for the creativity of the defensive choices from Las Vegas, but when you're talking about Connecticut, I mean, you know, I think it really missing a player like Jasmine Thomas. Who would shore up that spot that you're talking about and really that turns into a strength? Exactly. And solidify it for them on the defensive end. So now, you know, it's about heart and hustle at this point, sometimes you're missing that one spot. What they did last series, I guess Chicago, so they're gonna have to do that again because I think they are missing that spot, you know, because of the injury to jazz and Thomas, but at the same time, you know, I think it's gonna be a pretty even matchup in this game. Especially with the momentum that Connecticut's coming into this series with. Also, something to prove, as always. And they want to win. And that'll dispel every situation that they hear about being disrespected. So I proposed this adjustment twice for the command. And neither time is Kurt Miller taking me up on it, which makes me think he doesn't listen to the podcast, which makes me very upset hurt. I think he does. Yeah, I think he might. But I think Kenny Brooks told us this like in season, I don't listen to you guys. I'm sorry. That's fair. So I think Kurt's a little busy. But I've been saying this is that they need to run out. There are four best players to want to banner alys Thomas and John Cole Jones. And Brie Jones, together with the other Courtney Williams and atisha Hyde man at up top. Now, they have not run this lineup once the entire season. I looked at the line of numbers. It hasn't happened. They ran, they ran, I think they ran Thomas Jones and Jones together with Jasmine Thomas. Yes. Right at the beginning of the season then Jasmine Thomas went down. But just kind of signals to me like, you know, Kurt doesn't trust his point guards as much to initiate the offense. You know, you need the two ball handlers at the top because it's been tough to initiate offense for Connecticut. So I think that I think that's off the table. I would think it's perfect though because in this matchup, you got some bigs that you want John Cole and Asia will put Brie on stokes, put a T on Jackie young and then we have to want to ban around Chelsea gray. That's a great matchup either. It's not. Right. Because Chelsea gray is much faster on the perimeter, I believe. But I just think there's an opportunity there. It's probably not going to happen though. I'm just going to continue. Because if there's some lose and I'll come on here and say, hey, that's why they lost. And listen to me. Come on, Kurt. But I'm with you.

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